Your Vote Totally Counts!

Regardless of your political affiliation, I need your support! When I put my posts online, a little picture pops up. I need to pick a new one (you know, spice things up!), and I need you to vote for which picture you like best. (I know I am being such a taker, please bear with me!)


Stalker 300x210 Your Vote Totally Counts!

Stalker? Who me?



Im Funnie 300x167 Your Vote Totally Counts!

I'm Funny


BFF 300x210 Your Vote Totally Counts!


Thank you in advance! Love you all! (Please vote on in the comments section or on Facebook!)


  1. BFF for sure. Stalker is creepy and Funny would be better if it was Smarter – like your math.

  2. I like them all! My first choice was#3. Your Mom’s choice is a goodie too.

  3. Thanks Angie. Glad to know someone other than my mom reads!

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