Why Boyfriend #2 Was a FAIL

The next guy I dated (Boyfriend #2) wasn’t really very nice, it turned out. At the time, I thought he was wonderful… (My first boyfriend wasn’t all that great either…)

julia mike2 Why Boyfriend #2 Was a FAIL

You can tell how old this picture is because I am drinking beer. (Also I am blonde.)

To his credit, he was paying for school himself, and so was very careful about spending money a total cheap ass. While this could be considered a strength, anything taken to an extreme is a weakness, as I am TRYING to learn (and my husband keeps telling me). N was very particular about his appearance. Oddly particular, for a ‘straight’ guy (my girlfriends have decided that he is gay. Which is fine for everyone except his girlfriend). We attended Indiana University, which is in the beautiful, tiny town of Bloomington. (Oh yeah, he was a townie too.)

bloomington Why Boyfriend #2 Was a FAIL

Bloomington is a wonderful place to attend college; it is a terrible place to shop. N came to visit me in St. Louis over various breaks, and he always wanted to go shopping. One year, during Thanksgiving break, he decided he needed new jeans. So, we went shopping; we shopped and shopped. He could not find a pair of pants anywhere in the metro area that he liked. Some were too narrow, others too tapered. Some were too distressed and others not distressed enough. And on and on and on. When he came back to visit over Christmas, he still had not made any progress on the Jeans Situation, despite multiple attempts at the College Mall (can you guess how awesome that mall was?). And so, over Christmas, we set out again on the Quest For The Perfect Jeans. (To all mothers of teenage girls (and to my future self): I feel your pain. To my own mother, I deeply apologize for all of my Prima Donna Princessing about buying jeans.) Finally, in desperation, after an endless loop of Gap-Macy’s-Express Men-Banana Republic I demanded that he pick one. This had gone on MONTHS too long. He acquiesced and I was thrilled. We made our way up to the cash register. Halfway there, he stopped and started to second guess his choice, based on the price. Thankfully, we did leave the Gap that day, with all body parts and sanity accounted for.

jeans Why Boyfriend #2 Was a FAIL
My next boyfriend is now my husband.
A few years after N and I broke up, at a family dinner, my mother (who had had a few glasses of wine) revealed a small secret… The thought of years and years of family dinners with N made her want to crawl under the table and hide. He had never really relaxed around my family (we are a rather loud, intimidating bunch), and he was very, well, dull. Also, he was a Geology major and was very fond of discussing things like core samples, soil composition, and I honestly don’t remember what else because it was so damn boring!
We broke up shortly after college graduation, and I moved to Chicago… And we all know how that ended….

(part 2…)


  1. I think any guy who spends months looking for the perfect jeans must be gay! um… not sure if really needed to hear that though! :D
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    • In all fairness I have no idea what happened to him. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say he’s not. Either way SO NO LONGER MY PROBLEM!

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  1. [...] So, I married my third boyfriend. In real life, he is perfect.  However, on paper, Thomas was THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I THOUGHT I WANTED. This makes life difficult interesting at times.  (Young couples: find a good therapist.  Trust me when I say that you will need one at some point. We LOVE ours.) At times, I wish our thought processes were more in line, but I when I stop to think about “Julia, Unchallenged” I sort of cringe.  I can be ruthlessly competitive (again, things to an extreme are NOT GOOD), and if I was in a marriage with someone as competitive as I am, we would have blood lust over simple things such as who did more chores (I cannot imagine the potential outcome of a Monopoly game). So, balance is good. I feel balance in most marriages is not about two extremes, but the heart wants what the heart wants, right? [...]

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