As a mother, I am responsible for the development of my daughter.   It is my job to ensure that she is happy, healthy, and socially acceptable.  I take this job very seriously, as any mother does.  Personal grooming habits are especially important as no one wants to be around an unkempt person. (In college, I lived in the ‘foreign’ dorm. Feet were washed in toilets, and stench of the residents permeated every floor, every room, every elevator, every staircase…)We don’t have the stinky problem at home (excluding my daughter’s feet.  They are clearly from her father, and they are RIPE!  I didn’t know someone so little- and so cute- could make such a big stink!).

Emma 164x300 Tootsies

Emma 9 Months. Please note her painted tootsies!

 Everyone has their own little bit of OCD when it comes to personal hygiene.  I still maintain that OCD is an OCDo, especially when it comes to all areas of cleanliness.  One of my (many) quirks is my obsession with painted toenails—also known as a pedicure. I can remember when the obsession started.  My family was on a family vacation (by the way, now that I have a child, I understand that those words together are an oxymoron) in Hilton Head.  My sisters were busy doing something, and I was watching TV by myself. (I was watching OJ’s infamous White Bronco car chase, which I found exciting for about three minutes, and then I was done with it.) I was bored, and I needed a project.  I found a bottle of Dusty Rose nail polish, and I haven’t looked back since.  I have had my tootsies painted since then- which was the summer before eighth grade.  Consistently.  Straight through.  No breaks…Except that ONE day my sophomore year in high school (Nerinx Hall Spring Fling 1996 what what!).  I was attending a dance and wearing open toed sandals.  (In St Louis, weather is much like a crap shoot… you just don’t know.  St Louisians are prepared for any type of weatherHalloween costumes were able to be worn as is, or under a snowsuit.)  In the great tradition of unpredictable, crappy weather, Spring Fling was on a day that was freezing and raining, thus rendering naked feet a no-go according to my father, who is normally spot-on with fashion advice. So, I was forced to commit a huge faux pas- pantyhose and open toed sandals. (I know, I KNOW! Never again. If I had to do it all over again, I would just have frozen toes.) To this day, I have no idea why he was so insistent that I go sans pedicure… I mean, in open toed sandals you want people to notice your feet! That’s why they are open toed! (Also, they were the cutest sandals and I am so pissed I don’t have them anymore.  Note to all the younger girls out there: Hold on to your clothes! They will come back into style!)

 I have done my best to lead by example when it comes to foot care.  I have waged my own personal campaign for years against the naked toenail.  My sisters and my mother will paint their own toenails in preparation for a family visit.  (I can only claim limited success.  My mother now keeps her tootsies painted in the summer.)  I actually got the inspiration for this post from a girlfriend who texted me.

Ladies Who Lunch 150x150 Tootsies

We even dress up our feet for lunch!


“Next blog topic: Julia’s toenail polish obsession.  I just happened to be painting my toes now

 and realized I hadn’t done so since November.  I immediately thought to myself, Julia would

freak the hell out if she knew this.”



Because I am (hopefully) a good mother, and because of my strong beliefs in personal hygiene, I am doing my best to raise my daughter accordingly. Emma has had her toenails painted since she was 9 months old.  And she loves it.  When her tootsies are in need of a pedicure, she comes to me and says “Emma needs her tootsies painted!”.   In true toddler fashion, if I do not respond in a manner that is fast enough for her (under three minutes), she goes to the bathroom and finds the nail polish to bring to me.  I have heard her telling her friends that she has pretty RED (oh yes, she requires red.  No light pink or purple for my child. She goes big or goes home… wonder who she gets that from?!)

I hope to be successful at this whole motherhood thing.  At the very least, however, I know I can claim victory when it comes to pretty, pedicured tootsies for the next generation!


Emmas tootsies 300x224 Tootsies

Emma's tootsies



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