Thomas Responds…

My husband, who is super supportive of me and of the blog, just finished reading my thoughts on our bed ‘sharing’. According to him, the description of a 75-25 split of the bed was too generous. He said maybe it was my Julia Math skills at work.  He said that he didn’t know where things took such a drastic turn and that he certainly doesn’t remember signing up for this. 

thomas Thomas Responds...

My Supportive, Loving Husband

He reminded me that I still have to check with him at hotels for confirmation of what side of the bed is mine.

Our anniversary is today, and Thomas maintains that ever since then, he has been engaged in a desperate fight for his half of the bed, and that he is losing it, inch by inch.

inch Thomas Responds...

Thomas’s Losing Battle

The cat has already abandoned the bed for the safe sanctuary of a wide open sofa. (While Thomas might be sad about this, I claim this in the WIN column.)  Stay tuned for an update as he says at this rate he will soon be on the floor (or kicking the cat off of the sofa).

sofa Thomas Responds...

The Cat’s Safe Haven


  1. hahaha, my husband complains about this too. He says for such a little person I sure take up a lot of the bed!
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