The Perfect Bubble Bath

The Quest For Bubble Bath (necessary for the world’s best bathtub) took Thomas and I to places he would not normally go. I say this is a good thing; a chance for personal growth and self development. I’m not so sure Thomas feels the same way…The gal at CVS mentioned a day spa across the street and suggested we go there as they were likely to carry bubble bath (because we were in the only CVS in North America that did not carry bubble bath).  As we walked across the street, Thomas muttered something about the ridiculousness of paying eight dollars for bubble bath from a fancy-pants spa. I ignored him and his whining (I consider myself an expert in the ‘Ignoring Whining’ arena.) We I (Thomas refused) went inside and located the perfect bubble bath! It was shaped like a cupcake! It promised a relaxing, lavender scent! And it was $6, not $8!

bubble bath cupcake The Perfect Bubble Bath

I purchased my small piece of heaven and, above Thomas’s protests to slow down, I RACED back to the hotel . I sent him up to the roof top bar, and skipped down the hallway to our room.

As I ran the water, I was giddy with excitement. I dropped my cupcake bubble bath into the stream. Then I ordered an excellent glass of wine from room service, and got my book (OK, so I really set up my iPad because I was almost finished with season two of Kourtney and Khole Take Miami, I was in the middle of a really pivotal scene. Shut up, this was my vacation!). After everything was set up, I stuck my toe in… and yanked it out as fast as I could. HOT! I had forgotten to add the cold water! Also, my cupcake looked a lot like a cupcake and nothing like bubbles…. I ran COLD water into the tub and held the cupcake under the water, attempting to crumble it into pieces.  Although my hand was freezing, I was convinced this would be worth it! After the longest five minutes ever, I again stuck my toe in. PERFECTION.

j bubble bath The Perfect Bubble Bath

This tub was deep enough that I could submerge my entire body and still sit up. The walls were smooth and comfortable, and had just the perfect angle to them- I could recline and still sip my wine. The bestest part of the tub were the jets- there must have been one hundred of them.  The cupcake had finally started to break up on its own, and there was a small, yet respectable amount of bubbles in the tub. I hit the jets and after ten seconds I had to turn them off because the mountain of bubbles was blocking my view of the iPad screen.  It was glorious. Sadly, the glory days were short lived, because, as you all know, Julia’s Math dictates that ‘Anything That Can Go Wrong Will’…


  1. Ah,well worth the six dollars, look at all that bubble heaven!
    Lucy recently posted..Pining Away!My Profile

  2. Caroline Zuniga says:

    I too share your love for bubble baths and have been suffering tremendously with no bath tub for the last 2.5 years! I have to utilize the occasional hotel stay to get my fix. NOT FAIR!


  1. [...] While on a recent weekend getaway to Savannah, I found myself in a hotel room that contained The World’s Best Bathtub.  Of course, I took a marvelous bubble bath. I soaked in the tub, ensconced in bubbles, sipping wine and judging the Kardashians.  I hit the jets several times to keep the bubble level high. It was wonderful. (And quiet.) [...]

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