The Girl Who Always Had A Boyfriend

Ah the single life. I am sure it was fun. I have no idea actually because I am that girl-who-always-had-a-boyfriend. I was on the phone with one of my oldest friends over the weekend, and she was reminiscing about all the great single times we had. Only she was the only one who was single. Sure, I was there, and sure I had a great time, but I was the Serial Girlfriend.

girlfriend The Girl Who Always Had A Boyfriend

Yes, it’s true. If a boy looked at me twice, he was my boyfriend. I have had exactly three boyfriends in my entire life and I married the third one. So, for me, the single life was trying as hard as I possibly could to not be single.
While I am a shining example of what good, responsible, moral Catholic girls are (HI MOM!!), I did have a bad habit of occasionally ‘testing’ other potential boyfriends to see if I still wanted the one I had. The good news for my boyfriend was that every time I did try someone else, I decided I liked my boyfriend better. Sometimes the only reason I liked my boyfriend better was that the ‘potential boyfriend’ wasn’t too interested in me as a girlfriend!.

boyfriend ecard The Girl Who Always Had A Boyfriend
My first boyfriend and I dated for six years. It was like we were married, only iwe were in high school and living with our respective parents. But , we did everything together. I went on vacation with his family, he came to Sunday Dinner every Sunday. At one point, he and his therapist (am not knocking therapy. I personally believe VERY STRONGLY in therapy, and trust me when I say that my therapist is just as important in my marriage as my husband) came up with a ‘questionnaire’ to be used after we had one of our many fights, complete with questions like “What do you love most about B? Remember that feeling when you start getting angry or upset.” Possibly good advice if you are married and have children and want to stay married, but I was seventeen, and a teenage girl who lived on drama. We ultimately dated for six drama filled years, all through high school and the first part of college.

julia alex1 The Girl Who Always Had A Boyfriend

In happier times…

We officially broke up over Christmas break our sophomore year.  On that same break (from school), I met N, AKA boyfriend #2.

(part 1…)


  1. Caroline Zuniga says:

    Hey you! Thanks for the therapy endorsement!


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