Thanksgiving Brunch Just Didn’t Cut It

Thanksgiving. In theory, it is the most brilliant holiday we have. (Other than the national holiday that is My Birthday). Show up, eat delicious food, visit with the family, go home and take a nap. To be fair, there is a tremendous amount of behind the scenes work required to execute a successful Thanksgiving  dinner.  However, unlike Christmas, preparations take hours, not weeks, and dishes are far easier to clean up than messy Visa bills…

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You Are Everywhere I Want To Be… And That Is The Problem…

Both of my parents are only children, and were transplants to the St. Louis area (my grandparents lived out of state). When it came to family holidays, we had five people total, meaning that the absence of even one of us meant the party was twenty percent smaller. (This concept totally blew my husband’s mind as his ‘small’ family parties have thirty people). Needless to say, holiday celebrations were not the long, drawn out, sometimes painful  wonderful, all day experiences so many people have.

My parents have a wonderful network of friends, who became our adopted family. Like every other family, we wanted to all celebrate the day together. However, all of our “family” also had real relatives of their own, and were therefore booked for dinner. My mother is resourceful (if nothing else) and a wonderful hostess, so the idea of not having a party for Thanksgiving never occurred to her. She simply moved the “dinner” to a “brunch”.

At our house, Thanksgiving turkey was actually Turkey Tetrazzini casserole, and pumpkin pie was actually pumpkin cheesecake (which is so amazingly life changing, by the way).  Our “family” came over around eleven and sipped mimosas and bloody marys instead of bourbons and red wine.

While I appreciated the great party, fantastic food, and the chance to visit with family, the older I got the more bitter I became. I wanted a roasted turkey with all the trimmings! I wanted my pumpkin in a pie, not in a cheesecake! And, I wanted to have Thanksgiving when it was dark outside, like everyone else!  I finally got my wish in high school, when I started attending my boyfriend’s Thanksgiving. (Although I have lost touch with him, I still make his family’s Party Potatoes every year!)


  1. Isn’t funny how society can makes us feel we must do something to fit in? I think you just need to do what works best for your family and what you memories you want for your little one :)
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  2. I think Thanksgiving brunch sounds kind of awesome, actually. Oh the food one could make for a holiday brunch…
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