Six On Sunday (I know it’s Monday, Shut UP!)

Painting.  I am not really a big fan of painting. Problem is, I am a big fan of the nice, freshly painted look and so I found myself this weekend with a paint brush and a container of paint. After almost five years of trying to convince me that we needed new doors, my husband finally won. And he was totally right. (Love you honey!) Our old doors were really ghetto. We had our hard wood floors refinished five years ago, and the doors were still at the carpet height they were all two inches to short. (Young readers: this is a life lesson.  Perseverance does pay off!) Thomas hung the doors, and in the spirit of wanting to help out, I volunteered to paint them.  In a complete and total Julias Math moment, I found that I could only use the smallest paint brush because the large one was to heavy when filled with paint and made my hand cramp (Oh, well, now your back’s gonna hurt, ’cause you just pulled landscaping duty. Anybody else’s fingers hurt?… I didn’t think so.) (Oh Happy Gilmore, I love you!) Small brush equals s-l-o-w progress… and makes a painful chore more painful.

happy gilmore Six On Sunday (I know its Monday, Shut UP!)


 Packing. We are leaving for a week. Packing for myself is a nightmare, let alone myself and a three-year old. Thank goodness Thomas is self sufficient.  We practically need a moving van for all of our crap.

 suitcases Six On Sunday (I know its Monday, Shut UP!)

Road Trips. Blah. Not a fan. Thank you Sweet Jesus for head rest DVD players. And the mifi wireless card.

The Internet.  I have a mifi card, which turns me into a hot spot (you totally already knew that!)- a mini wifi zone.  We are able to stream Rush from Atlanta the entire way to St. Louis, instead of trying to find a local station and dealing with all the static.  Depending on who you are, this is a very good or a very bad thing!

internet Six On Sunday (I know its Monday, Shut UP!)

Extreme Temperatures.  It is stupid hot. In college, I had my TV set to Local on the 8s, and if it was legitimately below zero, my roommate and I did not attend class…. Kind of missing the cold right now…

cold Six On Sunday (I know its Monday, Shut UP!)

Terrible Service. I need some guidance on this. I have never been a waitress (and my career as a babysitter was rather limited), so I have never depended on tips.  I have many friends who have, and even ten to fifteen years later they remain bitter over poor tippers.  I get it that it is so important, and I tip accordingly- usually 20%. This weekend, I experienced some of the worse service I have ever had to endure.  We tried to order from the  bar, and were refused because we weren’t planning on staying at the bar. We were assured that someone would be right with us.We waited at least fifteen minutes for someone to even acknowledge us. We did get our drinks, and then waited another thirty minutes to order another round. If attitude is everything, then we were a total waste of our server’s time, because her attitude convyed to us that she was surprised we could tie our own shoes and walk and chew gum at the same time.  So, my question is what appropriate? No tip doesn’t seem right, so that’s not an option. Can one tip 10% as a tip is supposed to be a reflection of the service one receives?