Six On Sunday, Another Monday Verison

1. Pinterest.  I am proud to report that I am not a full fledged addict and that I am using Pinterest responsibly.  Also, how freaking cute is this?! Thanks, Pinterest!


baby pics Six On Sunday, Another Monday Verison

still on family room floor but you get the idea


2. Pumpkin Pie. I love love love pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin pie and Chardonnay is my second favorite meal (as loyal readers know, my first favorite is champagne and petit fours). Every year, I have the same conversation with myself:

  •  I won’t make pumpkin pie this year. I just end up eating half of a pie in a day and then I’m mad.
  • I will make pumpkin pie and have just a taste. Or a really small piece.
  • I will go the gym extra tomorrow to make up for the amazing goodness that is pumpkin pie!!


3. Hungry Girl.  For those who don’t know, Hungry Girl is a gal named Lisa who has all kind of recipe swaps to make foods healthier. This Thanksgiving, we tried the Save-The-Day-Stuffing and the Too-Good-To-Deny-Pumpkin-Pie. (The pie was an attempt to trick myself. It didn’t work. I totally ate the real one AND the healthy one.) The stuffing was great. The pie probably would have been great, but it was served next to the real pumpkin pie and therefore at an unfair disadvantage.


4. Sleeping in. Emma decided to sleep in until eight every morning! Yay Emma! She gets a pony for Christmas! Except for Sunday, when she was awake at 6:38. It was a Long Day.


5. Sick Toddlers.  Sunday was also the third day of Emma’s cold. She was feeling miserable, and as a parent it was so hard to watch her suffer. She even told us her nose was “cranky”! However, by Sunday, pitiful had changed to whining/crying/demanding/moping/howling. It took a lot of Mommy Reserves to remember to be patient and that she didn’t feel well and therefore wasn’t being a pill on purpose. A lot of Mommy Reserves.


6. Uniforms. Emma has moved up to the preschool class at school, which means that she will now wear a uniform. I wore a uniform every day of my life until I went to college, so to say I am a big fan is an understatement.  (I did have a crisis when I got to college because I had no idea how to dress casually. When I wasn’t wearing my uniform, I was in comfy clothes- yoga pants and tee shirts- or ‘go out clothes’- cute jeans and uncomfortable shoes, so getting dressed for class was a nightmare. I didn’t even have casual clothes- I remember part of my college shopping included items like long sleeved shirts and casual sweaters!) Uniforms made getting for school so easy and so quick…. thanks to the rules. When Emma started school, I think the front office thought I was crazy for asking about things like uniform shoes, socks, and hairbows. Emma is “asserting her independence” these days, and getting dressed is a huge production, even if we lay out her clothes the night before. This morning, she happily got dressed in her uniform and practically skipped down the hall to breakfast.