New TVs! (Does anyone need any extra cords? I have 54 left.)

As I have mentioned, we just joined everyone else- including those in prison- and got flat screen TVs. Yay, us! After a long and heated ‘debate’ (is it really a debate if you aren’t speaking to the other party?), the TVs were hung on the wall.  Whether to hang them on the wall or not was never a question, as Emma tries to hug puppies on TV, kiss kittens, etc,

tv on wall New TVs! (Does anyone need any extra cords? I have 54 left.)

Safely Hung!

however, the actual height at which to hang them was intensely discussed. So, we finally reached a compromise: Thomas could hang the TVs at any height he wanted to, and I could buy whatever furniture necessary to accent the height of said TV. (Thomas waited and waited for these TVs. As a result, he had time to research the details that would enhance our viewing experience.  He spent a few DAYS on Google, searching things like “height to hang TV” and “distance from TV to sofa”. And so, the TV was hung at a height that did actually did improve our viewing experience. Our new, fancy TVs have made our traditional TVs stands look ridiculous.  As you might have picked up on by now, I have respectable non-college standards for furniture (yes, I am in my thirties as my BFF pointed out)- yes, it has to be functional, but it also has to be CUTE.) However, hanging the TVs to the height he wanted wasn’t so easy… And why should it have been? I mean, as everyone knows, something that is simple and straight forward is NEVER simple and straightforward.

After we ordered the TV mounting kits (Amazon I heart you! You saved me over 75% !), the Quest For Cables began in earnest. Fancy TVs require fancy cords that have a lot of letters.  Despite Thomas’ best efforts, we never had the correct length of cable.  Every single time I turned around, we were ordering more cables. The only downfall to Amazon is the delayed gratification.  In this case, delayed gratification looks like a stare down between shiny brand new TVs and old, fat, slow TVs.  Because we are Amazon Rock Stars (also known as Prime Members), the cables (all fifty-six of them) were sent next day delivery.

t j barbadoes 150x150 New TVs! (Does anyone need any extra cords? I have 54 left.)

He is my own Handy Man!

Girls: always marry a man who can fix stuff around the house- my friend Caroline told that me they paid three hundred dollars to have their TVs hung (granted they do live in CA where even air is expensive)! So, in Julia’s Math, this means I have saved three hundred dollars which I can now spend on furniture!

Fast forward a few days, and my new TVs are hanging on the wall (and we have fifty-four extra cables laying around which I am forbidden from throwing away), and furniture shopping has begun in earnest. Furniture in our house collects stuff- really random stuff like old screws and business cards and X-Acto knives and extra buttons.  Instead of transferring all this crap into new furniture (Thomas’s way), we (I) decided to clean everything out and toss what we didn’t need any more (which is, in all honesty, basically everything, but I am trying to be nice and stay married so I went through all of it before throwing 99% of it away).  Thus began The Saga Of Simplifying…