Six On Sunday, Verison 3

  1. family 150x150 Six On Sunday, Verison 3

    My Family-

    Family.  My parents came to visit this weekend.  We had a great time, and it is so nice to have an extra playmate for Emma. She is NONSTOP all the time (wonder where she gets it).  I also had the opportunity to meet some ‘long lost cousins’, and I am hopeful that we will stay in touch.  My family is so small and live so far away, it’s great to have some close by.

2. Old Friends.  We went to Party Chic again this weekend (LOVE that place) for drinks with some friends. I have been friends with Mike since seventh grade, I used to sneak out and go to his house to hang out.  On Saturday, we had drinks with Mike, Caryn (his lovely wife), and their son, Brooks. It is surreal in some ways to be hanging out with our KIDS! I mean, we were friends way before we could drive!

julia emma alena brooks caryn 150x150 Six On Sunday, Verison 3
Julia, Emma, Alena, Brooks, Caryn

3. Craigslist.  It’s genius! And it’s so simple!   

4. Disney World. I have never been (I know I am one of like twenty five people total in the country who hasn’t been to Disney World (four of the others are my immediate family). Christmas has become tedious the past several years, and we are looking to start new traditions and new ways of celebrating.  The family is discussing taking a trip together in lieu of giving gifts, and Disney World has been mentioned several times.  Any advice on where to go/ what to see? Also money saving Disney tricks?

5. Toddlers and Tiaras.  Seriously these people are cray cray.  Part of the price of admission for a pageant should be placed into a trust for the years and years of therapy these girls are going to need.

toddlers 150x150 Six On Sunday, Verison 3
So Much Therapy

6. Baskets. We are rearranging and redoing our entertainment centers. As we live in a really small house, everything has to do double duty- a TV stand is also a cabinet for various things, like DVDs, blankets (for watching TV), and of course, toys. (At some point, the elves from FAO Schwartz snuck into our house and spread the love. My child has so many toys is it embarrassing. Her favorite toy is still Mommy, which is both endearing and maddening.) All new shelves equals all new baskets… and many trips to Michael’s!