Six On Sunday, Version 6

kesha Six On Sunday, Version 6

1. Ke$ha. Does everyone else’s almost three year old sing along to Ke$ha? Because mine totally knows all the words.

2.Strawberries. I love them. Everything strawberry is better: Strawberry Daquiris come to mind. What is Strawberry Shortcake without the strawberries? Boring, rather dry crumbly bread, that’s what.  Costco (how I love you Costco!) has huge containers of the most perfectly ripe, sweet berries for six dollars.  I might turn into one. 

strawberries Six On Sunday, Version 6


3. The Awkward Twenty Minutes Waiting For Your Friends To Come To Your Party. We had a small party on Saturday, which was supposed to start around five. I LOVE having parties. I would have parties every weekend if I was allowed to (Thomas enjoys parties, but he gets sick of the double cleaning- before and after the party. Also, he is the Family Treasurer, and parties get expensive (who knew?)).  For the first time in the history of Julia Parties, we were ready on time. At five pm, everyone in the house was dressed, the food was out, the drinks were chilling, and all the last minute stuff had been done.  Of course, this was the party where everyone was late.  We spent twenty minutes wandering around the house, not wanting to mess anything up, questioning if we really had friends, or if maybe folks just felt sorry for us. We are extra sensitive to this because of what happened Christmas ’06.  We had an open house, and around sixty people RSVP-ed yes. (We invited everyone we knew. Seriously, if I talked to you in line at the grocery store you were going to get an invitation.) As we didn’t yet have Emma, we had disposable income to spend on chicken wings and egg rolls and cakes and alcohol. We were ready for at least eighty people to come.  Um… eight showed up.  Now, those eight people did have a wonderful time, and they definitely had enough to eat, but the experience has left us scarred.

4, Lamps. Much like the baskets, the Quest For The Perfect Lamp is long, drawn out, and tedious. I have  secured one Perfect Lamp, I have one to go.  My neighbor is AMAZINGLY talented at interior design, and he has graciously fielded four hundred thousand pic messages with potential candidates.  He says “I’m sorry to be so picky, but I don’t want your friends to come over and talk shit about your cheap ass stuff!” He maintains that he doesn’t judge, but that he does talk about you when he goes home.

lamp 161x300 Six On Sunday, Version 6

5. Stupid reality shows. I just saw a preview for “Love in the Wild”. You have got to be freaking kidding me!  Single men and women are on a island and have different romantic adventures. There is some sort of elimantion to determine “The Perfect Couple”. And Jenny McCarthy is hosting. I had no idea she was still around. I thought she was busy telling lies and putting babies at risk for deadly, preventable disease.  Thank goodness her scheduled opened up and allowed her to host this very important, life changing show.

6. Apple TV/ Pandora. I love you both! Won’t you please work together?!

pandora Six On Sunday, Version 6                                     Please be friends!!

        apple Six On Sunday, Version 6