Six On Sunday, Version 17

State Fairs.  My sisters and I were taken to the Indiana State Fair once. We were on a road trip and for some reason stopped and looked around. All I remember is the stink, a gigantic cow, and eating a funnel cake.  As far as I was concerned, that box had been checked. However, I might have checked too quickly. My sister and her boyfriend recently attended the Minnesota State Fair and had a ball. Lesson learned: Any food can be fried AND any food can be put on a stick. They looked at (and touched!) cows, butterflies, and other assorted animals. There was disappointment when my sister realized that she could look but not touch any of the prize winning cakes and pies.  I have also read several blog posts about state fairs. Everyone seems to have a wonderful time. The food is delicious, and the people watching is top notch. We might have to put “Attend State Fair” on our list.

thomas bff1 Six On Sunday, Version 17

2. Thomas’ new BFFs. 

3. BFF necklaces.  I always wanted one. I never got one. Ever. (Note to any of my friends reading this- excellent birthday gift idea!)

Best Friend Necklaces Six On Sunday, Version 17

4. Graffiti artists. I am not one. I have been spray painting baskets for Emma’s converted (upcycled I believe is the current buzz word) changing table.  I managed to get more paint on me than on the baskets. I thought I was to blame as I am a total spaz, but it turns out it was the can (and possibly the wine I was enjoying while painting). As with all Julia’s Math projects, this one required multiple trips to Michael’s (what is it with me and baskets and Michael’s?!) and to Home Depot. I thought I was finished with the project when I had everything painted this yummy pistachio green.  However, when I brought the pistachio green baskets inside and placed them next to the grass green flowers on the quilt, I threw up. Back to Home Depot for round two of paint.  Home Depot carries better spray paint than Michael’s and you will be glad to know that the second round of painting was much less messy!

5. Leftover paper napkins. I have gallon size zip lock bags FILLED with wedding bell napkins, Happy Birthday napkins, it’s a Boy, It’s a Girl, and even Thomas the Train.  I have too many of each to throw away the discards, and not enough to really do anything with them! I was at a friend’s house over the weekend and she told me she had the same problem, and that she was over it. So, she is using up all of her napkins regardless of the occasion printed on them. I followed her inspiration, and used happy graduation alongside it’s a girl at dinner tonight.

6. Finished Project. Finally! Yay!

emma finished projecg Six On Sunday, Version 17