Six on Sunday (Monday), Version 18

to do Six on Sunday (Monday), Version 18

1. The List. I am sure you have one of these at your house. That list of everything, that in a perfect world, would be done. Things on this list are things that are in the ’wants’ category, not in the needs-to-get-done-yesterday category. For example, a needs-to-get-done item might be fixing your back deck before it collapses into the yard; where as a ’want’ would be painting said deck. The things on the list are not that pressing…  until you host a party at your house. We (myself and my two besties Liz and Tanya) hosted a baby shower this weekend (which is why this post is late. I was way too tired to deal with anything yesterday. Also, see #3).  The good news is the party was lovely and almost everything got checked off the list. The bad news is that I was scrubbing fan blades, polishing silver, lint rolling lamp shades, repainting my daughter’s room, scrubbing my porch, and moving furniture for three days. My sweet husband was laying sod, painting mailboxes, trimming bushes, and being the general Errand Boy. .. The worst news is that the list is never-ending as I can already think of several things to add to it (sorry honey!).

2. Not Washing Dishes. I am not a fan of washing dishes.  I do the “cooking” (does steaming vegetables and sautéing something count? Because that’s all I do), and Thomas does the cleaning. We arrived at this arrangement after he accused me of only washing the part of the plate that was dirty. (LIES.)  We rented table settings for the shower, so all we had to do was rinse the plates and glasses and restack them! It was amazing! I had maybe six things to wash when all was said and done.

sesame street live Six on Sunday (Monday), Version 18

3. Sesame Street Live. I remember going as a child, and it was really neat to be able to take my child.  I recruited my friend Bailey and her son to go with us. I wasn’t going to face that solo, and Thomas received a kitchen pass after how awesome he was with regard to the shower.  I’m glad we went, and I’m glad it won’t come into town for another year.

self tanner Six on Sunday (Monday), Version 18

4. Self Tanner. Is amazing! In theory. Once I turned twenty-five, I swore off tanning beds. (Other than the few months before my wedding. This should be self-explanatory.) Once I turned thirty, I swore off laying out in the sun.  So, what’s a girl to do? B.E. (before Emma, also known as the days of DINK (dual income no kids), I went to a salon and had a professional spray tan. These days, both my time and funds are more limited, so I try my best at home. Usually I do a pretty decent job- especially if you do not look too closely! My issue is the fade out. A natural tan fades… well… naturally. Spray tan comes off in random spots and it does so in a non uniform fashion. I look like I have some weirdo blotchy disease…

5. Good customer service.  I purchased two bags of popcorn from Fresh Market and was dismayed to discover they were half full when I opened them. I took them back, and they replaced them without a receipt! The clerk had a bad attitude, but I still count it as a win!

real housewives of miami season 2 bravo Six on Sunday (Monday), Version 18

Real Housewives of Miami

6. The Real Housewives of Miami.  It’s new to me. So far, the gals seem trashy enough that I can get behind this show. However, they all look like something out of my nightmares. A little plastic surgery? HUGE FAN! Redoing your body like it’s your kitchen and updating it every few years? Not so much…Thoughts anyone?