Six On Sunday, Verison 2

1.Holiday Weekends.  Woo Woo! A special, heartfelt Thank You to all who are serving, have served, or will serve.  You are all truly heroes. Godspeed.military 260x300 Six On Sunday, Verison 2

2.. Graduations. My nephew graduated from high school this weekend. iu1 Six On Sunday, Verison 2Hard to believe my COLLEGE graduation was TEN YEARS AGO this month… I think I am ready to go back.  I have only been back once, about six months after graduation. It was awful- I felt so left out of the community.  I was too old to be an active participant, and not yet old enough to be nostalgic about things. I would love to go back now- I think I’m far enough removed (ten years+ a marriage+ motherhood will do that to you), but I no longer live within driving distance and my husband just doesn’t see Bloomington, IN as a vacation destination. 

3.The Pool.  It’s open! And just as lovely and refreshing as last year.

4. TV furniture (Also known as entertainment centers).  Last week, we were all about the TVs… this week, it’s all about how to house them. Thomas wanted to hang them on the walls so Emma couldn’t get to them (fair point. anytime she sees anything cute- like a puppy- she tries to pet and or kiss it).

5. Streaming Netflix. While at the gym on the PreCor, it is genius!

real housewives Six On Sunday, Verison 2

RHOC Season 7

6.Real Housewives of Orange County. I am finally caught up! Several things have to cascade just so to enable me to watch RHOC.  Firstly, Emma has to be asleep (something about a bad influence). Secondly, Thomas has to be busy (something about stupid, vapid, brainless TV). And lastly, I have to have some free time (something about working full time, traveling husband, having a toddler). Thankfully, the stars were in alignment and I got to watch three episodes on the new TV!!