Six On Sunday, Version 19

1. Dark Nail Polish. Lincoln Park After Dark is my favorite (Dark Cherry Chutney a close second). Now that it is officially Fall (even though we still have our A/C on), I can wear them! Yay!

 lincoln park Six On Sunday, Version 19

2. Hot Rollers.  I am hair stupid. I can handle the hair dryer and the flatiron, but that is the extent of my hair repertoire.  I found some courage, marched into Sally Beauty Supply and purchased said rollers. I have practiced… and let’s just say that more practice is needed… any tips from any pros out there? Please help a sister out!


3. The Most Beautiful Weather In the World. Enough said.


4. Home Crafting Projects.  Right after college, I made the most adorable night-light for my future nieces (at the time I did not want any children).  It is a small lamp that has its shade covered in peachy pink roses.  We used it while Emma was in her crib. Now that she is in her big girl bed, the color of the roses clashes so badly with her new bedding my head exploded.  The new lamp is covered in cream roses (with a touch of pink) and are WAY more pleasing to the eye! I will post pictures when it is completed, which will hopefully be before next Christmas.

 emma contrary Six On Sunday, Version 19

5. Mistress Mary Quite Contrary.  AKA Emma, my daughter. I don’t know what was up this weekend, but she was not her usual sunny self. In fact, she was the exact opposite and was a brat all weekend long.  If I said “up” she said “down”. If I said “black” she said “white”… you get the idea. Here’s to hoping next week is better!


6. Political stuff on Facebook.  It might just be me, but I really don’t see the point of putting political things on Facebook.  Let’s face it- no one is going to change their entire ideology based on link to a news article.  The folks that agree with you already agree, and those who don’t aren’t going to change their minds.  In a well thought out discussion where ideas are exchanged, minds can be changed. As Facebook is not the place for well thought out discussions, I think it alienates more than it brings together. But that might just be me.

 ecard facebookpolitics Six On Sunday, Version 19