Six On Monday (Again)

1. Sage Magazine. If you missed it (shame on you!), I was once again honored to be a part of this fabulous publication! My favorite pages are 18 & 19 and 72 & 73… but I might be biased. Hope you love it!

sage april Six On Monday (Again)


2.  Baby Showers. I attended two this weekend! Just to be safe, I made sure to avoid the water. I made the safer choice of chardonnay! I know, I am a modern hero. In all seriousness, congrats to the new moms; the parties were lovely. And, I could drink all the water in the big blue sea and nothing would happen- I made sure of that!

3. Menchie’s. As you all, I am obsessed with Menchie’s, specifically the Red Velvet flavor. Every month, they feature a new Flavor Of The Month- and the last two months they have really dropped the ball. The Salted Caramel of March tasted like flavored ocean water, and the Pink Lemonade Sorbet of April tastes like very intense, very cold Crystal Lite… I am remain a devoted Red Velvet fan.

4. Tip Well. I was a repeat customer at Cheeky’s, a local Mexican place this weekend. I had the same waiter as last week, and he remembered me (me and my checkbook). When I ordered “as much wine as you can give me and still charge me for one drink”, he totally delivered. I again tipped him generously, and hope to have the same arrangement when we visit again.

5. The Americans. This show is amazing! Incredible! If you are not watching, get on board. Immediately.(Also, who knew Felicity could kick so much ass?!)

6. Apple ID. Perhaps someone can riddle me this- why does my apple ID work when I install apps on my phone but will not work when I try to log into my account on my laptop? Driving me CRAZY. Please help!

apple id Six On Monday (Again)



Six On Sunday, Version 9

1. Cabin Fever. Last week it was the heat. This week it is the rain. I know we desperately need the rain, and I know that folks in the Midwest, particularly in my beloved Indiana (GO HOOSIERS!) would tap dance on my head for complaining about the rain, but seriously it has rained every day.  And thundered. The loudest thunder ever in the history of thunder. It gave me a stomach ache! It was so loud and so sudden it kept scaring me. After jumping out of my own skin so many times, I was a nervous wreck!

iu Six On Sunday, Version 9

2. Menchie’s Red Velvet frozen yogurt. I will do very bad things for this. Especially bad things if you cover the fro yo with chocolate sprinkles… very very bad things…

menchies Six On Sunday, Version 9

3. I thought I lost my phone. And I stopped breathing.  Emma and I hopped in the car, on the way to run some errands. We were rushing off (we are always rushing off. Does anyone out there actually leave their house in a relaxed manner? How do you do it?!) and I put my phone on top of the car while I buckled her into her carseat.  I grabbed my phone and hopped into the car and drove off. Or did I? OMG THE HORROR.  As calmly (which really wasn’t very calmly at all. In truth, it was very panicky and rushed and I possibly jerked the wheel.)  as possible, I steered the car into a driveway and with shaking hands dug through my purse.  When my hands closed around my iPhone, all was right in my world again.

iphone Six On Sunday, Version 9

4. Wikipedia and why it has ruined reality TV. I was so totally in love with Basketball Wives. I finished the first season, and wanted more. So I googled it, and discovered Wikipedia entries on the show, the cast, and related topics. Of course I read it. Now I totally know everything and watching the show would be a waste of my time (because time spent watching these shows is clearly productive).

5. Single Mom.  Thomas was gone all week.  I was the Only Show In Town. Man, it’s a lot of work! I commend all single parents. I am particularly impressed with military spouses, who voluntarily sign up for long stints as a single parent. My hat goes off to you, and I am eternally grateful for everything you do for my freedom.

MilitarySpouse2 Six On Sunday, Version 9

Thank You

6. Church.  It’s Sunday. We went to church (Mass).  Yay us! Emma loves LOVES church, which I am so hoping continues especially during her teenage years.  Yay Jesus!

jesus Six On Sunday, Version 9