Big Or Little?

Big or little? The answer is almost always BIG. Bigger is better- look at Texas: they have made Going Big a way of life! Also, diamonds come to mind when discussing the merits of big vs. small. Now, a few things are better small: butts (for the white girls anyway!), debt, and areas needing to be cleaned.

Generally, I always go for Big. Go big, or go home has been a personal declaration for me.

Big or little was never question for me when it came to purses- BOTH! Hey- like shoes, a girl can never have enough handbags!

I love the functionality of a large purse. Also, with more real estate, there is more of the bag to be seen, and therefore, more chances others will see the awesomeness of the bag.

I love the mystic of small bags. There is something undeniably sexy about only needing a credit card, an ID, and lipstick for an evening out.

My sister, who is all things fabulous (that’s what a well paying job, no mortgage, no kids, and a great sense of style will get you) came to visit and brought with her the most amazing bag EVER. (Disclaimer: the most amazing bag that does not require one to sell a kidney.) I HAD to have this bag. Thankfully, she agreed to buy one for me and send it. In return, I agreed to let her have hers back.

lamb williamsfield printed tote Big Or Little?

Love! Thanks Jen!

This bag was GREAT; I could fit EVERYTHING into it. Laptop and iPad? Yup. Bottle of water, gum, mints, and Diet Coke? Yes. Thirty six assorted lipsticks and glosses (am I the only one whose purse is a black hole for lip care products?) plus eyelash curler and all purpose lip/cheek/eye shimmer? You betcha. While on a trip to Chicago, I had (at any given time) water, a bottle of wine, the camera + carrying case, and a tour book… not to mention the standard purse things like sunglasses, wallet, and iPhone. My husband claimed he didn’t like the bag, I suspect it had more to do with the amount of time he spent carrying it because it was too heavy for me than the actual design. I think that men are secretly jealous of the capacity of a purse- while men’s pockets are bigger than women’s, pockets do have their limitations. Exhibit A: the man bag…