Saving Money Is Bad For Your Skin

My father has always proclaimed: “Youth is wasted on the young.” Even though it took me getting old to understand the point of this statement that does not change the fact that I still think it is a stupid saying.  (Sorry Daddy!) Sure, there were great things about being young- the lack of hangovers and bills comes to mind-, but overall I think I have the better side of the deal being an adult (I can eat cookies before dinner, for example).

Recently, I decided I was Going To Save Money. Around the same time, I ran out of my favorite, magical moisturizer. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin.  It is also EXTREMELY dry. During a recent trip to Chicago, my entire face sloughed off due to the cold and the wind. I am also EXTREMELY prone to break outs.  In high school, I took the dreaded-yet-worth-it Accutane to clear up my skin once and for all. (Luckiest girl in the room, right here!) Of course, the only thing that will work on extremely sensitive, dry, prone-to-break-out skin is an EXTREMELY expensive moisturizer.

NUTRIXROYAL 1 Saving Money Is Bad For Your Skin

Magic I tell you!

To be fair, my Lancôme Nutrix Royale ($60) is certainly not La Mer ($275), but you get the idea. Every time I purchase my magical potion, the salesgirls question me- “this is way too rich for your skin”, they cry! “There is no way this could possibly be for you!” While part of me appreciates their intentions, the ex-cosmetic gal who is paid commission part of me says, “Shut up and ring up!”

So, in an effort to stay on the budget, I elected to try another brand, CeraVe. Everyone raves about this lotion, and it was even endorsed by my dermatologist. And, it was $14.99 at Target. Score!

Target Beauty1 1024x653 700x446 Saving Money Is Bad For Your Skin

Except for Me.

The first few days were utter, total bliss- my skin was soft, radiant, and clear. Sadly, things were not to stay that way. I felt the rumblings of a monster zit, the kind that pulsates with every beat of your heart. Unfortunately, the rumblings were but a foreshadowing of what was to come next. My face erupted.  At one point, I swear to you that I resembled a unicorn, the zit was so big had become such an  angry, red mountain on my face.


Suddenly, I was back in grade school! It was awful! Looking back, I do not have very fond memories of my time in seventh and eighth grade. I went to a parochial school, and had the same thirty classmates from kindergarten through eighth grade.

And, they ALL noticed when my skin would erupt. Thankfully, they share their discovery with me… Frequently and Loudly…