Six On Sunday, Version 12

Big Girl Bed. Emma spent her first night in her Big Girl Bed on Saturday. I was a nervous wreck. I was convinced it was going to be as difficult as when we stopped swaddling her. My husband informed me I was Insane and that he wasn’t going to listen to it, and that I should get over myself. Emma of course was a champ and my husband was right…

emma big girl Six On Sunday, Version 12

NIght Night


Volleyball. I am watching the indoor volleyball games at the Olympics right now, and I am reminded of my volleyball career. My entire career was spent avoiding the game at all costs. In high school gym class, kicking the volleyballs earned you laps to run. I would kick the volleyballs in front of the teacher as many times as I could because running laps around the gym was more fun. Every time I try to play, it hurts my wrists. A lot. I remember playing on a beach once. There were several families present, and the age range of players was five years old to over sixty. I was picked last. And, I was only picked because we were playing with the rule that Everyone Got A Chance To Play. I lasted one volley (and I didn’t touch the ball once).

volleyball Six On Sunday, Version 12
Belly Button Rings. I had one. My sister had one. For a time in my life, it seemed like everyone had one. I even knew some boys who had them (granted, they were gay. But still.) Now, it seems like almost no one has one… I guess that’s what happens after one turns thirty and has babies… That or I am hanging out with the wrong crowd! (I just found a picture of me and some random gay guys on a booze cruise in Mexico from college. I showed my husband, and he vetoed the picture on the grounds that I Was Not Cute!)
Baby sitters. We couldn’t get one this weekend. It is very VERY rare that we have a sitter. Thomas’s schedule is crazy and to be honest, sometimes I feel like a Terrible Mother when we do get one because my time with Emma is limited… Also, do you KNOW what baby sitters cost?
Keratin treatments. Have changed my life. Forever. For those who don’t know, Keratin treatments smooth frizzy hair, and make hair softer, silkier, and easier to style. I have a slight wave in my hair. The kind of wave that looks cute when I get out of the shower. It is not the kind of cute that looks good dry. It looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket. I used to have to flat iron it every time I wanted it to look passable. As everyone knows, the flat iron is a vicious mistress. You have to use her to make your hair look good, but the more you use her the more you damage your hair, necessitating more styling… Keratin neatly side steps all of that.
Eyebrows. If it is possible for an eyebrow to be raped, then that’s what happened to me on Tuesday. I went to my usual place. I normally see the same girl, but have had the same results with other girls who work there. My usual girl was there, but another lady jumped up. I wasn’t very happy, but this lady was a bully and she made it clear that she was going to be the one to do my eyebrows…. She decimated nine months of growth. My eyebrows stop where my pupil is. She also was so rough that I have several scabs where she gouged my skin. My eyebrows look TERRIBLE. I called back to complain, and she told me to come back so she could fix it. What was she going to do? Glue my eyebrows back on?! It was and remains a hopeless situation. Tears were shed, and I made an emergency trip to Sephora. It’s going to be a long road back…

eyebrows Six On Sunday, Version 12





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