Six On Sunday, Version 20

1. Gum.  I love gum. I love gum the way smokers love cigarettes.  I was chewing AT LEAST a pack and half a day… which is a lot of gum. I had a Come To Jesus with myself, and I am proud to say I quit gum cold turkey on Wednesday. At 4PM.   I have been gum free for one hundred hours now. (Not that I am counting.) Seriously, while this might sound silly, it is a really big deal to me and I am very proud of myself.


Irons. Loyal readers will remember that last week I tried hot rollers. This week,  thought I would try the ol curling iron. I have not used a curling iron since the early 2000s when I would curl the ends of my hair under (this was also when I thought I was blonde). I am more gifted with the curling iron than the rollers, but there is still a steep learning curve. Also, does anyone know of a good hairspray that won’t make my hair a sticky, hard, nasty mess? Is there such a thing?


desperate housewives Six On Sunday, Version 20

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

3. Desperate Housewives. I might be 8 years late to the party, but here I am! It’s football season, so I have a lot of time to watch whatever shows I want to watch (because Thomas is watching football). I watched DH in 2004 when it first came on TV, and lost interest, or got busy, or forgot about it… I don’t really remember. Thanks to Netflix, I can watch it whenever I want to!

keepingupwiththekardashians Six On Sunday, Version 20

Old School (this is the season I am currently watching)

4. Keeping Up with the Kardashins. I know. In the history of stupid TV, this show and its manufactured drama would win.  Thanks to football season and Netflix, I can lower my IQ and watch this train wreck anytime I want to!


5. Grocery Shopping. Is such a pain in the you know what. Every Saturday, Emma and I head off to Trader Joe’s, Walmart, and Publix.  Three separate stores. That’s six times in and out of the car seat, three different carts, three different check out lanes filled with candy. After we have finished all the shopping, I get the prize of putting it all away. Yay! All in all, it is a marathon two plus hours.  Not super fun on a Saturday, but way more fun than underwear shopping. (FYI, Victoria’s Secret is that she is a sadist.)

apple pie1 Six On Sunday, Version 20


6. Apple Picking. We haven’t been yet this year. Last year, we waited until the end of October, and by the time we got to the orchards no apples were left. Instead of picking apples off the trees, we picked  them out of bins in the gift shop. It wasn’t really the same.  Also, I would like to make an apple pie from scratch…