Bubbles, Bubbles EVERYWHERE

While on a recent weekend getaway to Savannah, I found myself in a hotel room that contained The World’s Best Bathtub.  Of course, I took a marvelous bubble bath. I soaked in the tub, ensconced in bubbles, sipping wine and judging the Kardashians.  I hit the jets several times to keep the bubble level high. It was wonderful. (And quiet.)


Right before I got out of the tub, I hit the jets one last time for one last shot of bubbles… and then I could not get the jets to turn off. The mountain of bubbles was growing exponentially. I stood up and pushed the iPad to safety, while yelling NO NO NO STOP STOP NO NO STOP! (If my own child doesn’t listen to me, I don’t know why I thought a piece of machinery would.) In a flash of brilliance, I plunged my hand to the bottom of the tub and pulled the plug. As the tub began to drain, the jets magically switched themselves off. I gave them a stern talking to, and jumped into the shower (I had to wash all those bubbles off), thankful that Thomas was with his buddy and were not around to witness my epic mechanical failure.

As it turns out, I had congratulated myself way, way too quickly. Twenty minutes later, I was dressed and in the bedroom, putting make up on. Thomas was in the bathroom, tying his tie. Suddenly, the jets again turned themselves on! Foam bubbles, a la Cancun Spring Break Foam Party style started flying around the room.  In case you didn’t know, bathtub jets make a horrible hissing noise when they are turned on and not under water. I would not recommend trying this at home. In fact, I would not recommend trying it at all! Luckily, I was very relaxed, so I was able to see the humor in the situation. I don’t think Thomas did…

nightmare bubble bath Bubbles, Bubbles EVERYWHERE