Six On Sunday (The OMG it’s Tuesday Version)

1. Grandma & Poppa. My parents came to visit. I always enjoy seeing them, and I am truly blessed in that I am actually not only friends with, but I enjoy spending time with them. (Except when I get Directions And Insights On Living My Life, but I figure that is sort of part of the package!) Emma has a wonderful time playing with Grandma… Also, after they leave I find myself desperately wishing for a nanny…

2. Indiana Basketball. As March Madness approaches, I am gearing myself up to jump on the fan bandwagon. To be fair, I am an actual alumna of the school so I get some credit for that! My senior year the Hooisers went all the way to the final game… and biffed to Maryland. To this day, I hate turtles.  My grandfather, who was an almost life long resident of DC called after the game to ‘talk trash’. I was horrified- I never even saw my grandfather without a tie on (unless on the golf course), and here he was, debasing my team! I wish IU all the luck in the world, and I will be watching (once we get through the beginning of the tourney and things get interesting, anyway).

3. New Pants. I lost a little bit of weight (it’s amazing what happens when one stops eating Goldfish Gram Crackers by the entire carton) and now need new pants.  I have actually needed them for a while, but I wanted to wait to make sure my current size wasn’t a weird fluke. In good news, it’s not. In not so good news, I actually have to shop now. Shopping, unless for jewelry or purses, just isn’t fun. Nothing ever seems to fit the way I want, and everything is so expensive! It took me YEARS to buy new underwear, and no one but me sees it! Anyone have any good ideas for not stupid looking pants? Please share!

4. Chuck E Cheese. I had to go. I have avoided this place like the plague for my entire life. Growing up, it was called Showbiz Pizza (Where A Kid Can Be A Kid!) and my mom thought it was totally creepy and did not allow us to go. As an adult, it should be self explanatory why I did not patronize them… Emma was invited to a birthday party, and because I am nicer than my mom (not really, it just sounded good!), we went. And I think I have succesfully checked something off the bucket list. I’m sending Thomas for all future CEC playdates.


5. Patch Testing. I have not been able to wear eye makeup for over a year now. Last Christmas, at the direction of my eyebrow threader, I tried castor oil on my eyebrows in the hopes it would make them grow in faster and thicker. Something in the castor oil make my eyes VERY ANGRY, and a result, I have had horrible allergic reactions to everything- from eyecream to make up. After trying everything short of the three day patch test, I finally resigned myself and went and had the patches applied yesterday. Come on Thursday!

6. Tuesday. Good grief it’s Tuesday as I write this. How did life get so busy?!