Six On Sunday, The Tuesday Version

1. Pollen. Green is the New Black. It is covering EVERYTHING. I moved to Atlanta nine years ago and it still blows my mind every spring. Words cannot do justice to the amount of pollen, so just look at the pictures and be smug you do not live here!

2. The Pink House. Thomas and I went to Savannah for a wedding this weekend, and we finally made it to the Pink House. The Pink House is a historical building that was a favorite hang out of Revolutionary war heroes. It was saved in the 1950s and converted into a restaurant. In all the years we have been visiting Savannah we have never been there, despite our best efforts. From all accounts, it combines several of my favorite things- history, great food and drinks, dress required (in the dining room), and pink! On Friday, we finally made it!  As an added bonus, my parents attended the wedding as well and came with us. It was wonderful.

3. Phone 5. I got a new phone- the iPhone 5. I love the bigger screen and the fact that is it more lightweight. I HATE the fact that I had to buy all new chargers for it. Well played Apple, well played.

4. Sirrus Satellite Radio. Wow! How cool! I realize I am the last one to this party, but I am finally here! The drive to Savannah flew by with the addition of Sirrus. In an added bonus, I am discovering all kinds of 90s tunes I had forgotten about- C&C Music Factory anyone?!

5. Dance Lessons. We did not see a lot of my parents at the wedding because they were too busy dancing. They took up dance lessons last year and have been tearing it up ever since. There was a wonderful eleven (!) piece band at the wedding and they made the most of it. I think they intimidated everyone else because no one else was dancing! It was great to watch, and Thomas suggested that we take lessons. He might or might not have been on his second bourbon when he said it, but I am taking it! Now, we just have to find a place that will accommodate his schedule (which is basically open ended ALL THE TIME).

dancing with the stars logo 455x320 Six On Sunday, The Tuesday Version

My parents would totally rock this show!

6. My allergies. My allergy woes continue. I recently found out I am allergic to thimersol, which is a chemical commonly found in contact solution and make up. After switching all my contact solutions and make up, I am still having the same issues… and this time, they think the culprit might be nail polish.  Anyone who knows me AT ALL has never seen my fingers (let alone my toes) without polish. A small (OK large) piece of me DIED when I heard that… .thankfully, it is not confirmed. Confirmation will come in the shape of more long term patch tests… cannot wait…

I Heart You Sleep

I am often a stranger to sleep.  Except when I actually want to wake up and stay alert.  Then, I am Captain Sleep. I sleep the kind of sleep that only a sleeping pill and Chardonnay can induce. And sadly, Ambien doesn’t work for me; I have tried to take it twice, and both times I have been in that horribly exhausted, yet still can’t sleep but-eyes-are-closing, restless state.  The first six weeks of my daughter’s life were spent in this state, and I can tell you that it is awful!

sleepy kitten 01 I Heart You Sleep

so so sleepy!

Why is it that the best sleep always starts ten minutes before your alarm goes off? I can toss and turn all night, but about an hour or so before the alarm is scheduled to go off, I am Sleeping Beauty. I am the “after” in a sleeping pill commercial. If I could figure out how to bottle that sleep, I would sell it.

pills I Heart You Sleep

Sadly, Thomas does not experience this kind of sleep. Thomas is the guy who lives in fear of his alarm NOT going off. My husband has an erratic (I am being very generous here) work schedule, so he is not a slave to the alarm clock the way most of us are.  Half of the time, the man doesn’t even know what day it is and on the occasion that he does have to wake up early, he sort of panics about it.  His panic is displayed by waking up every hour, usually on the hour, to check the time. This does not make for a restful night for anyone involved. If he has to get up on consecutive mornings, the sheer exhaustion from the constant time checks allows him to sleep more soundly. The worst thing ever is when his alarm fails him. Any tentative trust he set in his iPhone is totally violated, and we start the process twenty steps behind.

iphone alarm I Heart You Sleep


When he oversleeps (which to be fair isn’t very often. It is ONLY on the mornings when I am also in a huge rush.), he is one of those people who leaps out of bed, heart racing, breathing heavily, and in complete hysteria.  He rushes out of the house in record time, cursing under his breath (rather loudly) the entire time.  I am about to make a bold statement: I don’t oversleep. Ever. I am way, way too Type A (read controlling) to let that happen. What I do instead is fall back asleep…. I shut off the alarm, and close my eyes for just one more minute, and suddenly its half an hour later.  This does not create any stress.  The extra sleep relaxes me so much that I am immune to the panic sweats. While this is good for my psyche, it greatly impedes my ability to get somewhere in a timely fashion.

overslept I Heart You Sleep

Luckily (not really), we have gotten into the habit of waking up around seven regardless of the previous evening’s activities. Kids will do that for you. It is just one of the many benefits of having one! And, as everyone knows, nothing civilized starts before 8 AM anyway!

7 am I Heart You Sleep

Very civilized