More Information Means Better Decisions… Right?!

Decisions paralyze my family. Not only does everyone want to be nice, everyone wants to be right. The best way to ensure a good outcome is to do your research. As with everything in life, too much of anything can be hinderance… and, in this case, the massive information hunt hinders decision making…

In a quest to be nice (and to always be right), my family hoards information prior to making a decision.

Let’s use the example of choosing a restaurant again. At this point, a decision has been made. (and the angels are singing). Mexican was chosen (please note that “Mexican” was picked even though it was not mentioned during the original discussion. That my friends is the beauty of Uproar!). The decision was not fully made as only the TYPE of food was agreed on- which restaurant to actually patronize is the next decision. So, someone will take to the internet, to Yelp or Citysearch or Yahoo and research the best place for Mexican.

margaritas More Information Means Better Decisions... Right?!

Do they want the best margaritas or the best salsa?

uptown More Information Means Better Decisions... Right?!

Downtown or Uptown?

outside dining More Information Means Better Decisions... Right?!

Outdoors or indoors?

The possibilities are endless! Uproar can go on forever!! Note: In my husband’s family, they would decide on Mexican, remember a place that they had been before, or a place that someone had driven by, and get in the car and go. They would be finished and paying the check before my family ever left the house.

Julia’s Math dedicates that it will never be that simple. We are learning to meet in the middle; in reality, this means we go through at least TWO rounds of Uproar prior to leaving the house. We have lived in this area for about seven years now, so the good news (for Thomas) is that my choices of places to go are limited by experience – even I won’t go to a crappy place twice!