Indiana Won- I Cannot Walk, But It Is Worth IT!

March 2002.  Bloomington, Indiana. The Sweet Sixteen.

My friends and I wanted to cheer our Indiana Hoosiers to victory against Duke in style- we wanted to go the bar. Shockingly, we were not the only people in town who wanted do to the same. Because no one had volunteered to show up at noon to procure a table, we were forced to wait in line like everyone else (I HATE having to do what everyone does. I so believe the rules are not meant for me.)

So, we joined the masses filing in before tipoff. After a lengthy wait outside the bar, we were finally allowed inside. To this day, I’m not sure how we actually gained admittance as no one was leaving and the bar was at capacity (we shall not discuss pesky things like fire safety laws). The bar (Yogi’s for my B-town friends) was six feet deep with crazed fans. The energy was positively electric. It was awesome! It was an act of God to get a beer, but it was awesome! In a surprise upset, Indiana DEFEATED Duke in the Sweet Sixteen! When they won, the bar went NUTS. Every single person in the joint was jumping up and down. Strangers kissing strangers. Free beer for everyone! Everyone was jumping up and down, screaming the IU fight song. We made the building shake on its foundation!

Celebration or not, the laws of Julia’s Math still apply- and OF COURSE something unforeseen happened to me. Those who know me (or who have read even one blog post) are not shocked that somehow bad luck found me. During the celebration, I went down. I went down big time. I followed one of my life’s mantras: “If you are going to do it, do it BIG.” Even with all the cheering and singing, I heard a very distinct POP in my left ankle. Undeterred, I celebrated on. I think I even walked home that night, which turned out to be a very bad decision…

The next morning, I woke up to dark purple (Indiana University crimson?) ankle that was at least twice the size of my other ankle. This was problematic because I had a job interview in Indianapolis (an hour away) that day…


Six On Sunday, Version 35; The One That Didn’t Publish on Sunday

1. Indiana Basketball. This is the only time of year I pay any attention to sports. Sure, sports events are a great excuse to have a party and drink wine, but as far at the sports go, I could care less… I am LOVING watching March Madness, and am so excited to cheer for my team! Extra points for anyone who knows why the Indiana players do not have their names on their jerseys.

2. Target. Why is it that every single time I walk through those doors, I spend WAY WAY more money than I had planned on. I do not know why I even bother with a list as what I actually buy is never on it.

wedding dress corrected Six On Sunday, Version 35; The One That Didnt Publish on Sunday

I could not resist using this picture again because let’s face it; I am The Most Beautiful Bride Ever.

3.Wedding Pictures. Even after all these years, I still get a bit misty eyed when I look through my wedding album. I also feel very old… while my pictures are wonderful, and I am still The Most Beautiful Bride Ever, my pictures are dated. Since my wedding, pictures have changed from the standard posing- bride with bridesmaids at alter, groom with bridesmaids at alter, etc- into more journalist and more artsy. Today’s pictures reflect the personalities of the couple, and are far less formal. I would change a few things about my wedding, with the number one being the photography. Engaged gals take note: pictures are forever and you WILL still care years later about how the pictures (and everyone in them) look.


4. The Bar Method. Supposedly the hottest workout- touted as “the most targeted body sculpting workout- in Hollywood since Pilates, I jumped at the chance to try it. A friend of mine had a guest pass and invited me to go with her. I enjoyed it. My thigh (and hamstrings and gluts and calves) were not such big fans… which is a success in my book.

5. Chocolate Banana Bread. Emma and I were making banana bread on Saturday, and we were inspired by the cocoa powder that leapt out of the cabinet when we opened the doors. It turned out to be a great addition to our bread. I would share the recipe except that I never use one. Which is great because it’s always a surprise (ha!) but sad because I can never seem to replicate exactly what I did…

6. Snow. As faithful readers know, I Over Snow. I grew up in the Midwest and have seen my fair share of the stuff. However, I was a little nostalgic for the coziness that a snow day brings….