Six On Sunday, Version 5

1. Father’s Day.  Thanks to all the Dads out there… especially mine as he is the bestest.

daddy 150x150 Six On Sunday, Version 5

I love you Daddy!

2. Tuesday Morning (the discount store).  Anyplace I can go and get designer stuff at more than 50% off is amazing. It is also dangerous, as the amount of justification I use when making purchases is directly proportional to the percentage off of the regular price.

3. Liquid Lunches.  I have long aspired to be a ‘Lady Who Lunches’. Once a month or so, my dream is realized  when my girlfriends and I go to lunch.  This weekend, I lunched (and by lunched I mean drank Chardonnay) at new Mexican

margarita 150x150 Six On Sunday, Version 5

Liquid Lunch

restaurant called Cheeky’s.  The drinks were great, the patio was perfect, and there was not a child in sight! In fact,  we all took great delight in answering NO when asked if we needed any high chairs or kids menus.  However, I don’t know when margaritas became so complicated.  This joint had no less than twelve different  flavors, including ‘dragon fruit’ (which we were told was the same thing as strawberry).  

4. Potty Training. I swore I would never be one of those parents who discussed their kid’s potty training in graphic detail.  This post does not contain any graphic details, so read on. We started potty training in January, and Emma was totally trained in three days (she is the smartest child EVER)… less than a week later, she announced that she wasn’t going to pee in the potty again. No more, Mommy. No.  Which brings us to the present day (six long months later), and we might maybe be making progress! (Progress will be loosely defined as I swore no details.) Woop woop!

crown Six On Sunday, Version 5

Princess Mommy

5. Princess Mommy.  Emma calls me ‘Princess Mommy’, and I call her ‘Princess Emma’. The only thing nicer would be Queen Mother… I will have to teach her that tomorrow!

6. Fresh fruit.  I love the  local farmer’s market. Everything is so much better- sweeter, firmer, and riper. And, I get the added bonus of supporting the local community (which makes me feel a little superior to everyone else when checking out at the grocery store. I totally judge those with carts full of produce. They really should use the farmer’s market.)