Emma Will Not Eat Tofu (Not That I Blame Her)

My daughter, Emma is absolutely adorable (even strangers tell us, so we assume it is not just us). However,  she has her moments.  As of late, there have been more and more of these moments.  While I was pregnant, I connected with several old friends who were also pregnant at the same time. We commiserated together, moaning about aches and pains, whining about swelling, and swapping recipes to satisfy food cravings (oatmeal cake mix PBJ bars? YES PLEASE!). But now, when I go on Facebook, I see only beautiful, clean children.  These children are always smiling and according to their mothers, these children always say please and thank you and never ever have meltdowns.  Their vacation pictures portray smiling children on the beach, whereas our family vacations have A LOT of tears… from all parties involved. Seriously, traveling with a child is one of the most stressful things I have ever done!

family fun Emma Will Not Eat Tofu (Not That I Blame Her)

 These mothers say that their children eat everything that has been put in front of them, including- but not limited to- every vegetable you have ever heard of. That is the one thing that irritates me the most.  I know these mothers are lying when they claim that their homes are meltdown-free zones, however, I find myself buying into their claims about their toddler’s eating habits.  Steamed tofu with a side of brussel sprouts? For real? I wouldn’t put that in my mouth, let alone ask my three-year old to eat that. Which is a good thing; because I can assure you we would have an epic fit on our hands!

tofu Emma Will Not Eat Tofu (Not That I Blame Her)

My child exists on a diet of apples, strawberries, cheese, hot dogs, popcorn and PBJ (on multigrain bread- give us some credit!)- We tell ourselves it is very “French” in that she is making a meal out of fruit and cheeses. So far she appears none worse for the wear.  Recently, Emma started a more formal day care that provides hot meals at lunch for the kids.  Thomas and I are thrilled! This is the first exposure she has had to hot food that did not come from the grill and is not frozen pizza. She is less than thrilled, and has no idea what to do with things like casseroles, potatoes, rice, and broccoli. Tonight we made pancakes (I have not made pancakes in at least ten years), and she was amazed that Mommy knew how to make them!

emma baking Emma Will Not Eat Tofu (Not That I Blame Her)

Mommy does have a few tricks up her sleeves. However, she does not have the tricks that it would take to get Emma to eat steamed tofu, but if anyone does, I will be checking Facebook . You can message me; I won’t tell anyone that your toddler isn’t perfect!