The Crutches Fairy & Other Unanswered Questions

Unless you believe in things like the Crutches Fairy, you probably had a few questions about my last post- the one where I talked about cheering Indiana on to victory lose during the Final Four in 2002. I got an email from my best friend asking me some rather pointed questions- Where did you get crutches? (She clearly does not believe in the Crutches Fairy. Hater.) Did you get another interview after you blew off the first one?

My search for crutches was exhausting.  Thank God it was short (remember, I found a Real World marathon on TV and decided to watch that instead.)

I first tried pharmacies- Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens. Oddly, none of these stores had crutches for sale. Next stop was stores-that-sell-everything, like Target. Sadly, I again had no luck. This was one of the few times in my life that Target has let me down. It was a sad day!

After the Target disappointment, I went home and searched the internet (on my dial up AOL account) for ‘places to get crutches’.  Success! A few places even had crutches available for rent! My spirits soared as I called the number listed… and quickly deflated when I heard that I would need a written prescription before they could help me.

As everyone knows, a good Rule Of Life is to call your mother when the going gets tough- when you want to hide in the corner and sob. I took my own advice and called my mom because I was out of ideas and out of options and in a huge rush (remember my job interview?). She suggested I contact the Student Health Center (SHC) and make an appointment to see a healthcare provider who could look at my ankle, determine if I needed crutches, and write the script for me if I did. In true motherly fashion, she was concerned with my health and reminded me that I would not want to work for any employer who was not understanding with regard to a medical issue. What can I say- the woman is brilliant (also, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree)!

I called the SHC and made an appointment for later that day- too late for me to make my interview.  (Thankfully the Real World Marathon on MTV allowed me to move past my sorrows.)

The doctor at the SHC took one look at my ankle and promptly wrote a script for crutches… and then directed me to a different part of the clinic so I could pick them up. Genius!

I never rescheduled my interview. It was for an insurance company, and upon further reflection, it was not a direction I was willing to subject myself to wanted to go with my career.

I ended up working at Nordstrom after graduation.