Six On Sunday, Version 33

1. Baking.  This weekend, Emma and I attempted to make cupcakes for a girls birthday lunch I went to on Saturday. We grabbed our trusty box of Butter Recipe Mix and set to work.  This particular mix called for butter instead of oil, so the batter is always on the thick side. As I filled the cupcake liners, I thought to myself “Gosh, this is REALLY thick!”… well, it was really thick because we forgot to put any liquid in it! While cake mix is magical, and can overcome almost anything- overmixing, for example- it cannot overcome a total lack of moisture. The cake never rises in the middle- the cupcakes resembled sink holes. We attempted to fix them, but, sadly, they were un-fixable. RIP mini cupcakes!

2. Ladies Who Lunch. I recommend every girl get a set of friends to lunch with on the occasional Saturday afternoon. And by lunch I mean drink expensive Chardonnay at 2PM. It is a great way to spend an afternoon!

photo 39 700x522 Six On Sunday, Version 33

3. The cold. I grew up in the Midwest, and even lived in Chicago for a while.  I can do cold. Or, could do I should say. I cannot tolerate anything under forty degrees anymore. Last week, I was in Chicago where it was 14 BEFORE THE WIND! As a result, I did not go outside for three days.

4. Quiche. Is one of my ultimate comfort foods. You know that one food that takes you back to your childhood- suddenly, you are ten years old eating in your family’s breakfast room (or kitchen or dining room). My mom’s quiche is that food for me. This weekend, I made dinner for a sick girlfriend and her family. As I was making the quiche, Thomas informed me that he loves quiche. So, I made a second one which we had for dinner last night (and tonight. And possibly tomorrow.) With the first bite, I was transported back to 1989, having dinner with my sisters. It was wild! I will post the recipe under a separate post. You will want it, trust me.

quiche Six On Sunday, Version 33

5. Routine. It’s back! After a rough couple of weeks (surgery, work trips, and out of town visitors), we are back into our groove and it feels so so good!

6. Three year olds. I love LOVE my little girl. She’s the best. She is also rather spirited… Weekends are great because we get to spend so much time together. (Weekdays are also great because school is open!). In all seriousness, I would rather tame a tiger than try to paint stripes on one. These qualities, the very ones that drive me crazy now will serve her very well later in life… however…

lose her shit Six On Sunday, Version 33