Family Fun: Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree

After what seemed to be DAYS of wandering around in the dark, searching for The Perfect Christmas, baby Jesus would smile down on my family, and we would find the perfect tree. Instead of hearing choirs of angels singing the glorious praises of the tree, the soundtrack was someone having a meltdown due to extreme cold, tiredness, and the letdown of a candy cane induced sugar rush.

Also, there was a good chance it was the first tree we even looked at, so the hours of “family fun” were not technically necessary. But, in the end, it was worth it, because I remember all of our trees as being majestically tall (especially when we lived on Waterman and had 12 foot ceilings), full of branches, and beautifully decorated.

A curious thing happened once my sisters and I moved out of the house; my mother developed a penchant for Charlie Brown trees.

You know the tree; the sad, forlorn, sparse, short tree in the back of the lot that had been overlooked by every other family on their quest for The Perfect Christmas Tree, and with good reason- it’s ugly! And crooked! These attributes- crooked, sparse, short- are tops on my mother’s list for a The Perfect Tree. She has somehow taken the concept of Christmas Charity and interpreted it to mean “buy the ugliest tree you can possibly find because no one else will want it”; which she does.

But, in good news, now that I am a bonda fide “grown up”, I have my own tree! This year, we went tree shopping in short sleeved shirts (thanks Global Warming!). We did not employ the Non-Decision Tactics so popular in my family, either. We found a tree, took a cursory look at a few other trees, and made a decision. (Practically unheard of in my family!) While I am not sure it is The Perfect Christmas Tree, it is upright, straight and fully decorated which counts a lot in my book…

decorating xmas tree 2012 Family Fun: Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree

It’s Beautiful. And, it’s DONE!