Six On Sunday, Version 10

1. Cakebread. The Best Chardonnay Ever. Ever. Hands down. If you haven’t tried it, I strongly suggest you do immediately.

cakebread Six On Sunday, Version 10

So Amazing.

2, Sangria. I made a light, fruity, almost sweet white sangria this week. I always make white because I have a nasty habit of spilling… White is WAY easier to remove.  I normally hate sweet anything, but this turned out really well. I credit Trader Joe’s for their huge selections of inexpensive, delicious wines.  Also, I cut my sangria with champagne instead of club soda so it is possible that the extra alcohol makes it seem better than it is. Whatever. My girlfriends and I enjoyed it.

sangria Six On Sunday, Version 10


3. Air Conditioning. Is genius. I spent some time outside this weekend.  And, I spent some time in an inside that was really an outside- a cabin with no AC. It is good to have these reminders of how good we have it!

4. Single Gal Time. On Friday night, I was both husbandless and childless until about eight o’clock. It was HEAVEN! It was quiet. It was restful. I was on my own schedule! I sat in my living room, which itself is a treat because it is an accident waiting to happen with all of the breakable, shiny things on the shelves.  I had a nice glass of wine and read. I read a book with more words than pictures!  It was wonderful to see my family when they got home… however; they could totally give me the evening off whenever they want to.


5. Memory Lane. The house I grew up in is on the market again. My family went to the open house.  My sisters had fun telling stories, and my parents were able to give the realtor a few ‘hidden’ features, like the safe in the floor of the master closet. Also, my Nerinx Hall high school sticker was still on the window! I put that sucker up in 1994! (God LORD I am old!). It is nice to know a small part of me is still in that house.

6919 Six On Sunday, Version 10 


nerinx Six On Sunday, Version 10

My sticker!


6. Google and its spawn. I just got a new laptop, and it does not have Office on it.  I have only used Microsoft products, and I have no experience with things like Chrome, Google Docs, and everything else Google. I can perform a search, and that’s about it…  I am looking forward to learning Google, and having it take over my life (the amount of information they have on a person is unreal!).