Six On Sunday, Version 30

1. Aunt Judye Cake. We had another family birthday party this weekend, and my loyal readers know what that means- the Best Birthday Cake In The World…aka Aunt Judye Cake. Yes, it really is that good. Think back to one of your birthday parties as a child… remember the cake- the sugary, moist white cake frosted with thick sticky sugar… that’s the cake Aunt Judye makes. I had to marry into the family before they would give me the recipe! (Don’t worry,  we had champagne with our cake.)

2. Date Day (and Night). This weekend, I had not one but two dates with my  husband! I laughed to myself, thinking “we used to do this all time” and now it is a Really Big Deal. We went to a gun range (I know!) and then out to lunch with some dear friends. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely, and it was so wonderful to have an entire conversation without interruption. Thomas and I have made the conscious decision to include Emma(when appropriate) almost always, and while we love to have her with us, it was wonderful to have a break!


3. Best Friends. I had a reminder this week that true and loyal friends are very difficult to find. My advice is to hold dear those that are, and to make sure you tell them how much you love them, and how important their presence in your life is. (This post was brought to you by Hallmark.) (Just Kidding!)

4. Guns. I went to the range and went shooting for the first time in my entire life this weekend. This was a major departure for me and from the attitudes about guns my parents had when I was growing up.That said,  I believe it is my responsibility to my family to keep us safe- which I am sure everyone would agree is a parent’s first responsibility- and this is how I choose to do that. Very adult of me, I know!

5. Buy One Get One (half off). I will fall for this Every. Single. Time. I always buy more, and always justify it by the “savings”.  Well played, retailers, well played!

6. Sparkly things. I went accessory shopping this weekend, and like the BOGO deals, I am a sucker every time. My inner monologue goes something like this: OOH PRETTY! SPARKLES! BRIGHT COLORS! OOH FLASHY FLASH! PRETTY! You can imagine how it always ends up…

My Most Favorite Day Of The Year

As I am sure everyone knows, last Thursday was my birthday. I am sure everyone knows this because my birthday is a national holiday. At least in our house.

birthday big deal My Most Favorite Day Of The Year

I have always loved LOVED my birthday. In fact, I am a fan of the “Birthday Month”- why limit the special treatment to just a day? The best part about my birthday is that everyone has to do Whatever I Say Because It’s My Birthday. Shockingly, my husband isn’t as big of a fan of my birthday as I am.

Growing up, I had the most fabulous birthday parties. One year, my parents turned our living and dining rooms into a casino. I had a costume party one year (I was a hula girl… a hula girl with a sweat shirt and sweat pants… hey, it’s cold in St. Louis in mid October!). Another year, we went bowling (even with the bumpers I am terrible!).

julia candles My Most Favorite Day Of The Year

In high school, I would bring cake for everyone (my high school had 136 girls in my class). Girls I only spoke to once a year would smile sweetly, wish me a Happy Birthday!, grab some cake, and disappear again for the next 364 days.

When I turned 18 while away at school, I celebrated hard… So hard that I ran away when I turned 21 (I ran to a formal brunch at my parents, so don’t feel badly for me).

Thirty was fun. I spent the first night away from Emma (who was eight weeks old) when Thomas took me for a mini staycation.

julia cake My Most Favorite Day Of The Year

Recently, we have traveled to New Orleans (a trip that was supposed to be free with our hotel points and airline miles. At the end of the day, our “free” trip cost us several THOUSANDS of dollars. Night. Mare.). Last year, we traveled to Chicago. While there, I was reminded of why I no longer live in Chicago… it was 70 degrees and sunny when we left Atlanta. Chicago’s weather: 38 degrees and sleeting…

This year, on the fourth anniversary of my 29th birthday, I celebrated with best friends and family.

I finally got my BFF necklace!

BFF necklace My Most Favorite Day Of The Year

Finally, after waiting twenty four years!

And of course, cake and champagne!!