Six On Sunday (Even though it is Monday. Again.)

1. Technology Issues. Nothing will bring someone to their knees faster than a tech FAIL.  I have pissed off the tech gods in a previous life and am currently paying the price. It is a very steep price, and I wish I knew what I did because I would really like to atone for my sins.

error Six On Sunday (Even though it is Monday. Again.)

2. The Heat Wave.  It’s really hot. It was really hot in the pool- 92 degrees… which isn’t at all refreshing, even when the air temperature is 107 in the shade.

3. Basketball Wives. You know me and my trashy reality television addiction.  I finished up Mob Wives, and to date there is only ONE season, so I am anxiously waiting for the fall television season to start.  In the interim, I discovered Basketball Wives on Netflix.  The biggest irony: the only one who is married is filing for divorce.  The show SHOULD be called Basketball Ex-Fiances. Greatest quote so far: “Oh no. He better be coming at me with something better than THAT. I had eleven karats last time.”

11 karats Six On Sunday (Even though it is Monday. Again.)

very similar to mine…

4. The Today Show.  I loved you for ten good years, and then you had to go and put Ann Curry on.  You forced my hand, and I left.  What other choice did I have? I wasn’t on the market long and I found Good Morning America.  I wasn’t totally sold, but what other choice did I have? I tuned in this morning to Today.  I was so excited to watch Savannah and Matt, and so so happy Ann wouldn’t be anywhere near the set.  And ….sniff… Today, I had to turn you off.  What happened?! We totally have lost that loving feeling.  I cannot say that I am head over heels in love with GMA, but I think that my break up with Today is Forever. Unless it is the Olympics, and then I am a slave to whatever channel (in this case, NBC) is ‘hosting’ the Games…

ann curry Six On Sunday (Even though it is Monday. Again.)

today Six On Sunday (Even though it is Monday. Again.)






5. Skinny Pop.  OMG do you KNOW about this stuff?! It is AMAZING! For those who don’t know, it is popcorn that has 39 calories per cup. Skinny Pop has a limited distribution, (Publix, you failed me for the first time.  I hope it is the last.)  and is available at TOTAL WINE! Total Wine is the candy store for grownups. Any excuse to go is a WIN in my book, and now I have another reason to wander its hallowed ground, accepting recommendations for all kinds of delicious wine.

skinny pop Six On Sunday (Even though it is Monday. Again.)

6. Home Sweet Home. After seven days and 1700 miles, I am glad to be here.