Six On Sunday, Version 36

1. Indiana Basketball. So over it.

2. Cadbury Creme Eggs. YUMMO. Old school, I know, but still my favorite.

3. Easter Candy. I swear, Easter is the new Halloween. I think Emma received more candy today than she did on Halloween. I am all for a few jelly beans and some Robin’s eggs (a close second to the Cadbury egg), but the situation has gotten out of control. Perhaps the dentists are receiving kickbacks?

4. Broken iPhone. Nothing screams WHITE TRASH like a cracked iPhone screen. I dropped my phone on Thursday… When it landed, it made a noise that was different from any other time that I dropped it. I debated on not picking it up, but¬†ultimately¬†decided that wasn’t a good solution either. For $90, I can get the screen replaced. For $169, I can use my insurance. For $200 (plus a $30 upgrade fee WTF is that all about?!), I can upgrade to the iPhone 5. I’m probably gonna go 5…

5. Pinterest. It’s starting to happen- Pinterest is starting to control my life. I have tried so hard to avoid her siren song, but I fear she has her clutches in me! This is what I have spent my entire afternoon attempting to create:

eaa7ef50d0fab1aa0937b93acdd5479d Six On Sunday, Version 36


so far all I can say is “Work In Progress”.

6. Monograms.

southern monogram Six On Sunday, Version 36

I have monogrammed almost every single article of clothing that Emma will wear this summer. She wears a uniform to school (best thing that has ever happened to me- other than me wearing a uniform for the first twelve years of my scholastic career) and loves it. Sadly, uniforms are not worn during the summer. While I am dreading the inevtiable fights over wardrobe choices, I am thrilled to have satisfied my monogram fix!

emma easter Six On Sunday, Version 36

Note both the enormous basket and the monogram.


  1. Cadbury creme egges – totally YUMMM!! Easter is defintely the new Halloween – people dressed in costumes and candies being given to alreayd hyper children has taken over 2 days of the year. As for pinterest – I have not given in…to trying something on pinterest. I have lots and lots of pins just have not been courageous to try any of them out LOL
    Krystal recently posted..Color it Blue!: Autism Awareness Month is Here!!My Profile

  2. It must be a Southern thing, the monogramming. I don’t see it much here on the West coast. I love cadbury eggs. I managed to avoid all Easter candy this year. Probably because I had that nasty cold. I will say this baby prefers the spicy and salty to the sweet. I guess he’s following the old wives’ predictions!
    Mrs. Match recently posted..TTUT-Prepping for the Baby ShowerMy Profile

    • Haha. I think I ate my life time requirement of sweet when I was pregnant. I’m all about the pretzels, salty nuts and popcorn!

  3. I love Cadbury Eggs and I had none this Easter, something is very wrong. Oh, and I need to get off of Pinterest. It is my dreaming place :)

  4. You’re a chocolate girl like me!
    Oh, and Pinterest? LOVE me some Pinterest.
    Alison recently posted..Old School Blogging: The Marriage EditionMy Profile

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