Six On Sunday, Version 29

1. The Bachelor.  Seriously, how have I missed this sh*t storm of Girls Behaving Meanly?  Also, having one arm is kind of the new black- I mean, that chick can get away with ANYTHING!

2. Champagne and Petit Fours. I’m happy to report STILL the best meal of all time. Hands down.

3. Bedroom TV. We have not had a TV in our bedroom since we got married. I read somewhere that having a TV-less bedroom is a good idea because it reserves the bedroom for bedroom activities (assorted). Six and a half years in, and I still do not sleep very well, and we got the deal of a life time when our neighbors upgraded their 42 inch for a 50 inch at Christmas. I do not foresee this television getting a lot of use, as I always read before going to sleep at night and leisurely mornings are a distant memory… (I almost think they were never real; that waking up without an alarm and not having to do anything right away is a fairy tale.) However, if stars ever align themselves I will be ready.

4. Birthday Parties. Emma attended an at home daycare (Hi Ms Sherri!) for the first three years of her life, with the same four other kids. The only birthday parties we attended were hers, and those parties were a more Mommy and Daddy’s speed than Emma’s. She is now in a traditional daycare/school with twenty other kids in her class. Twenty birthday parties a year. We went to one on Friday, and we have another this afternoon (rumor had it that there was a third party Saturday, but we did not make the cut for that one, for which I’m eternally grateful.)

5. MLK Holiday. While I do not have the day off tomorrow, schools are out and that means traffic should be a breeze (that sound you are hearing is me, knocking on wood).

6. My Engagement Ring. I loved it when I received it (true story: instead of saying “yes”, I said “Shut Up You Got The Ring!”) and I love it to this day. My wedding bands are at the jewelers having diamonds replaced (each one conveniently lost a stone at the same time), so I am wearing only my engagement ring, and it has been a lot of fun admiring it sparkle all by itself.

engagement ring Six On Sunday, Version 29


  1. I am LOVING that manicure!

  2. I hope your traffic was smooth. Oh, I remember all those fun birthday parties and you think those things will never end or you will never have Sunday mornings, you will and you will swear it was a blink of an eye and yet it wasn’t. What a beautiful ring :)
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