Six On Sunday, Version 15

1. Mental Health Days. So, I wasn’t really around this week… hopefully you noticed! Suffice to say a busy week, computer issues, and general mental apathy are to blame. I won’t bore you with details (and I suspect you don’t really care), but I am back!

mental health day Six On Sunday, Version 15

2. Stupid ‘polite’ questions. I get asked all day long ‘How are you?’ I always say ‘Fine, thanks’. (NOT GOOD. People are NOT GOOD, it is grammatically incorrect.) I say Fine when I am not Fine, I say Fine when I am better than Fine.  Nothing freaks people out more than an honest answer to this question.  For all of our connections Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc-, people don’t want to engage with an actual person.

3. Birthday Candles (or the Parental FAIL continues). If you remember, I lost the birthday candles for Emma’s birthday cake last week at her party.  I found the candle (it was so cute- a pink sparkly 3) this week.  We brought cupcakes to her class in school on Friday for her birthday. I thought this would be a great time to use this candle (because I clearly cannot use it next year).  We lit the candle, she blew it out, and everyone clapped. I took the candle off the cupcake, and Emma started screaming. I thought she was pitching a fit because I took the candle away.  Turns out, she was screaming because her finger was covered in hot burning wax… (Thankfully, she was fine after we ran it under cool water and she got a band-aid.)

third candle Six On Sunday, Version 15

Caution: Wax is HOT

4. The Terrible Threes. All I heard last year was “The Terrible Twos” are coming, and to get ready.  So, the terrible twos are amateur hour compared to the Terrible God Awful Threes.  Emma goes zero- everything is lovely, roses and sunshine- to utter and complete meltdown complete with throwing herself on the ground, tears, and wailing.  It’s great, especially in public.

crying girl Six On Sunday, Version 15

Ready, Set, Meltdown

5. My Mom. Is Wonderful.  She was in town this weekend, and watching her with my child inspires me to be a better mother. I have a lot to learn, and some big shoes to fill.

6. The Furniture Project (Or My Husband’s Extreme Patience). Emma has outgrown her changing table (not diapers. The changing table.) I have been searching high and low for some shelving for her toys in her room.  I suddenly realized that I had the perfect thing already- her changing table. I found this awesomeness on Pinterest, and commissioned my husband to help me with the transformation.

282319470361037417 7lL6jZnP c Six On Sunday, Version 15


He has only said ‘Well that is information that would have been extremely helpful TWO HOURS AGO twice. (OK maybe three times.) I will keep you updated and post pics of my (his) completed genius soon…


  1. Caroline Zuniga says:

    Yay! I love home craft projects. Painted two antique inspired bird cages pink for my daughter’s nursery yesterday. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks.

  2. Caroline Zuniga says:

    By the way, I hate stupid polite questions, too. There is a woman at work that asks me “How are you feeling?” every time I see her. Literally, EVERY TIME I see her! I appreciate her concern with my pregnancy but really EVERY TIME???

    • I know right. At least she isn’t commenting on how “big” you are. (You are not big. You are darling. It does not matter to these people.) That’s all anyone wanted to talk about to me.

  3. Thank you! I also say fine, not good! That really irritates me when people say good!!! WTH!! That changing table transformation is so cool! Do post your after pics soon!
    Mom of A and a recently posted..What I’ve been reading this week #7 (Mommy edition)My Profile

  4. Anymore I choose not to speak to people, I just smile, it seems to be the safest route :)
    Lucy recently posted..Against All Odds!My Profile

  5. Love the redesign!

    I forgot the candle at Cole’s first birthday party. I sent my brother-in-law to the store to buy one, and then forgot to put that one on the cake.

    I call them the throat-slitting threes. Three is so much worse than two, and I hear four is bad as well. I’d better stock up on wine.

    Love the changing table remix. I’m always looking for new ways to use old furniture. Our old dining room table has gone from table to office desk to fold-down kitchen table to rolling printer cart. I don’t think we can go any smaller.
    Rachel @ The House of Burks recently posted..Cole the Party CrasherMy Profile

  6. I’m totally *that* person who says “good!” when someone asks me how I’m doing. But I technically know better, so does that make it a little bit more okay??
    Carrie recently posted..The Littlest Optimus PrimeMy Profile

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