Six On Monday (Again)

1. Sage Magazine. If you missed it (shame on you!), I was once again honored to be a part of this fabulous publication! My favorite pages are 18 & 19 and 72 & 73… but I might be biased. Hope you love it!

sage april Six On Monday (Again)


2.  Baby Showers. I attended two this weekend! Just to be safe, I made sure to avoid the water. I made the safer choice of chardonnay! I know, I am a modern hero. In all seriousness, congrats to the new moms; the parties were lovely. And, I could drink all the water in the big blue sea and nothing would happen- I made sure of that!

3. Menchie’s. As you all, I am obsessed with Menchie’s, specifically the Red Velvet flavor. Every month, they feature a new Flavor Of The Month- and the last two months they have really dropped the ball. The Salted Caramel of March tasted like flavored ocean water, and the Pink Lemonade Sorbet of April tastes like very intense, very cold Crystal Lite… I am remain a devoted Red Velvet fan.

4. Tip Well. I was a repeat customer at Cheeky’s, a local Mexican place this weekend. I had the same waiter as last week, and he remembered me (me and my checkbook). When I ordered “as much wine as you can give me and still charge me for one drink”, he totally delivered. I again tipped him generously, and hope to have the same arrangement when we visit again.

5. The Americans. This show is amazing! Incredible! If you are not watching, get on board. Immediately.(Also, who knew Felicity could kick so much ass?!)

6. Apple ID. Perhaps someone can riddle me this- why does my apple ID work when I install apps on my phone but will not work when I try to log into my account on my laptop? Driving me CRAZY. Please help!

apple id Six On Monday (Again)




  1. OK, the Apple thing (OMG I HATE APPLE SOMETIMES). Your Apple ID and your Apple login are different.

    Annnnd, that’s all I can help with. It took me forever to figure that out. Good luck!
    Carrie recently posted..10 Things I Love About HorsesMy Profile

    • While totally helpful, I’m stilling missing the key part which is WHAT THE HELL IS MY ID? Can you visit my brain and find it?! Agh

  2. Since I started working in a tipped profession, I’ve become much more aware of how much of an effect a good or a bad tip can make!!
    Rachel G recently posted..So….Facebook…My Profile

  3. I worked as a bartender back in the day, and I loved my tips!!
    Alison recently posted..StickyMy Profile

  4. Can’t help with the Apple thing–am totally a PC girl. But remembering passwords and all the screen names can drive you nuts anymore.
    VandyJ recently posted..Random Thoughts-Spring is Never ComingMy Profile

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