Six On (Just Missed It) Sunday, Version 26

1. Only Child. As much as I love my sisters, I have always wondered what life would be like as an only child.  This weekend, my parents came to visit us. Thomas spent the weekend in Boca (insert in-law joke here), so I had my parents all to myself. We had a wonderful time, and in small doses, being an only child seems like a good gig… however, there is no one to run interference and/or distract them… this would have been problematic in high school…

sisters Six On (Just Missed It) Sunday, Version 26

Laura, Julia, Jen

2.Coats. Here in Atlanta, most people do not need a coat. I am freezing cold unless it is eighty degrees outside, so I don’t count. I grew up in St. Louis, where one definitely needs a coat. And snow boats. Every time we left the house, my parents grabbed their coats… and then roasted. Isn’t it funny how a ‘good’ habit can turn into a ‘bad’ habit so quickly? Also, they looked pretty silly in coats because it was almost seventy degrees!

3. Shorts. My husband wears them year round. Regardless of weather conditions… Not only does he look a little silly in January, I have a tough time explaining why Daddy can wear shorts and Emma cannot.  We actually just had this discussion again five minutes ago.

4.  Bubble Necklace. I want one! I found two… which one?! Please vote!

red bubble necklace Six On (Just Missed It) Sunday, Version 26

navy bubble necklace Six On (Just Missed It) Sunday, Version 26

5. Another Necklace. Too much? I love it… but I have been wrong before…

 Six On (Just Missed It) Sunday, Version 26

6. Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil.  We toured the home last time we were in Savannah, and I am so looking forward to reading the book! I am about seven pages in, and am feeling very smug enjoying it more because I have been to many of the places referenced in the book.


  1. You and your sisters are so cute! You’re like triplets with different hair.
    Carrie recently posted..2012 Christmas Gift GuideMy Profile

  2. So glad you enjoyed your alone time with your parents!
    I had a neighbor in OHIO that wore shorts year round, OHIO, crazy,crazy guy.
    Get both,red and blue (oh,goodness, I am not helping your storage problem) but hey, jewelry you don’t have to pack up,right?
    I love the turquoise (it looks turquoise on the computer) necklace that is beautiful. Go for it!!!
    Lucy recently posted..OneNineMy Profile

  3. My husband is also a shorts-wearer all year long. He will have on a long sleeved shirt, North Face fleece, and shorts and flip flops. Does not compute. I like the third necklace, it is different from all the same necklaces that everybody has.
    Rachel @ The House of Burks recently posted..A new spin on Thanksgiving dishesMy Profile

  4. That’s funny about the high school antics, and the shorts. :)
    I’m visiting you from the Monday No Rules Blog Hop.
    Rosey recently posted..Customer OpinionMy Profile

  5. Oh gosh, shorts in January. Nope, I don’t get it. I am one wishing for jacket weather all the time. I love my boots and jackets and I can’t wait for a reason to put them on. I hate it when it’s in the 70s in winter. It’s not right!
    Mrs. Match recently posted..TTUT-Telling the World and Giveaway WinnerMy Profile

  6. hehehe, Thomas is a smart man! ;-) Match would have loved to do that when my parents were here for the week.
    I was the youngest, so when my brother moved out, I was briefly an only child, sort of. But I was 16, so it didn’t really matter then. Plus you’re right, you get in more trouble because the sibling isn’t there to distract them. :-)
    Mrs. Match recently posted..TTUT-Scrooge McInLawMy Profile

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