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Do you ever wonder What Might Have Been? If you made different choices, where would you be today? I’m thinking along the lines of “It’s A Wonderful Life”…

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In another life, at another time, I would have been a writer. In my wildest dreams, I might have written The Great American Novel. In my dream (please don’t ruin my dream!), famous novelists lounge around in silk pajamas, eating bons-bons and sleeping until noon.

In real life, I work for a great company and I am very satisfied with the career path I have chosen, so I do not waste a lot of mental energy on the whole Jimmy Stewart line of thinking.

sage Sage Magazine

That being said… I am featured TODAY in Sage Magazine!!
I have learned a lot since I first started Julia’s Math. I went into this project with the Field of Dream Mentality: If You Build It, They Will Come. Sadly, this is not the case.

Field+of+dreams Sage Magazine
On Twitter (@Juliasmath) yesterday, I saw the following tweet from the SITS Girls (Established community of 40,000+ fabulous women bloggers. Blogging tips, featured bloggers, paid posts. The Secret to Success is Support. Join the movement.): “What is one thing you wish you had known about blogging when you first got started?” I replied “how much networking there is to promote your own site”. While I am brilliant and funny and witty (my parents, husband, and best friend all totally agree), people weren’t coming.
I learned to “blogwork”. I have made new friends, and I have found that there are, in fact, people who (kind of) think like me! One of the new ‘friends’ I have made is Lauren From Texas. Sage Magazine is her project, her baby, her brainchild. She put an offer on her blog for anyone who was interested in contributing to email her with their ideas… so I did.
And she LOVED IT!
So, today I will ask you loyal friends to read Sage. I will also ask you to freak out just a little bit when you see my name (AND PICTURE!)…
Happy Friday!

PS Check pages 86-87


  1. What a beautiful magazine. Loved all the photos and your necklace is gorgeous. Great article on looking at life and handling changes. Love the hat rack, great gift :)
    Lucy recently posted..VagueMy Profile

  2. Soooo happy for you! I clicked on the Sage link but couldn’t find you. Can you post a direct link? CONGRATS!!!! It’s just starting!!!

  3. Congratulations, Julia. You are one step closer to becoming Carole Radziwill. ;)

  4. congrats :D thanks for linking up for the aloha friday hop :)
    jess recently posted..summer with my sisterMy Profile

  5. Caroline Zuniga says:

    Just read your article. You are right your house is cozy! Fantastic article. Congratulations!

  6. That’s so awesome!! Congrats (and I totally freaked out for you when I saw your picture).

    Also…yeah, the whole self-promoting part of blogging is super hard work. I’m just waiting for someone to stumble upon my brilliance and make me rich and so far, it’s not working. Ha!
    Carrie recently posted..Zebras and Emus and Elk, Oh My!My Profile

  7. Congratulations!! Off to see it now!
    Mom of A and a recently posted..Co-sleeping part two!!My Profile

  8. That was a great article, Julia! It made me feel warm and cozy while I was reading it :)


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