Pockets- The Best Accessory of All

Today I am wearing pants without pockets. And I am losing my mind. I keep trying to put my iPhone and keys in my nonexistent pockets, which sets off a chain reaction of disasters.  I am brutal on anything hand held (i.e. anything that can be dropped), so as one might extrapolate, my phone gets dropped.  A lot.  I do all I can not to drop it; it just happens.  And the Jedi Mind Trick of pockets that don’t exist isn’t helping!

Last weekend, I went to a LOVELY birthday party (Happy Birthday, Cousin Hannah!) hosted by one of my best friends (great party, Aunt Liz!).  Liz was a cool, sophisticated hostess—circulating among guests to make everyone feel welcome, coordinating the food and drinks effortlessly, and chasing after her one year old daughter.  Because I know Liz, I know this is how she rolls.  However, a more causal guest might have attributed part of her cool, calm collectedness to her amazing dress with pockets!

pocket pic Pockets  The Best Accessory of All

Aunt Liz's Perfect Pocket Dress

 Liz could keep up with her lipstick, a small toy for Hannah, and her phone in case a guest was lost and therefore looking for directions.  And, she looked great while doing it (of course, some of the credit for multitasking comes from the Mom’s Skill Set that a lady gets when she becomes a mother.  Other notable skills include eyes in the back of one’s head, the ability to tell your child’s cry from every other child, and the ability to simultaneously cook dinner, do laundry, and talk on the phone.)

I am making the case that pockets should be standard issue on garments; much like the flame resistant coating is standard on children’s PJs.


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