Julia Math

Julia Math is brilliant.  It is a complex system of checks and balances, designed to keep the balance of power intact. Oh wait. That’s the government. Julia Math is how I justify, well, almost everything.  It is how come I can tell my husband that we can leave our house at 5 to get across town by 530- knowing damn well it is a minimum of an hour to complete this journey- it is OK in my head, and gives me license to use my well practiced myriad of sighs in the car on the way there.   It is why paying with cash doesn’t count, especially if one is buying something in a wonderful sale. Unless someone else wants to use cash. And then IT TOTALLY COUNTS.  In short, it is genius.  And it is all mine! I would share, however, according to a scientific study, it is unexplainable/ a nightmare/ totally false and misleading  to anyone but me. I am hoping my daughter will inherent the gift; this is my husband’s worst nightmare. I maintain he is just jealous.
Welcome to my running commentary on life in the suburbs with a husband, a mortgage a rental house, a cat, and the most fun, a daughter.  I know there are many choices in working- ducking blogs, and why is mine so different? Because mine is funny.  You and I? Are going to be besties!

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