I Would Rather Buy Anything Than Underwear

Hello loyal readers!

Today, you can find me at Momwich!


Momwich is written by Brandy Burke.  In her own words…

I gave up corporate world a year ago because I realized my time raising kids was nearing an end. Now I am self employed and supplement that with freelance writing. I see my kids now, it rocks.

I love couponing, making jewelry, traveling, being crafty and my family. I hate movies, putting away laundry and waiting for the microwave to beep before I open the door – all symptoms of my brilliant A.D.D.


Last weekend, I had to buy new underwear.


It did not go well… For all the terrible details, visit me at Momwich!



  1. [...] couple of Saturdays ago, I endured torture known as The Mall. I was shopping for new underwear. I found this to be very traumatic. I am so glad I do not have to do that again for years!!  I’m [...]

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