I Wish I Lived In A House With Bigger Closets

Sadly enough, the summer-to-winter clothes swap isn’t fun, despite my self proclaimed OC-Do.

To start the process, I first have to get all of the bins out of the Scary Place (aka the storage attic). Things stored up there multiply at night. I swear I would not even recognize most of the crap that currently resides within the attic’s dirty, dark space.  Everything up there is dirty, and it’s always really, really hot or really, really cold. It’s like a terrible third world country up there.

145   scary stairs I Wish I Lived In A House With Bigger Closets

It’s scary up there!

Hauling all of the bins down is much easier in theory than in execution.  As stuff multiples up there, the bins get heavier each time I get them down.  Also, most of the bins are broken in some way- a missing handle, a cracked side, etc.  Due to the bins’ structural issues, every single one of them explodes while I am wrestling them down. Every. Single. One.

Once all the bins are down, the real fun begins.  The first step is to clean out the closest of all  the off season clothes. This is very difficult as Atlanta does not have clearly defined seasons- for example; today’s high (in early November) is 80 degrees but the ten day forecast is for the 50’s. Thirty degree temperature shifts in a single day are the norm around here (which also makes getting dressed each morning a challenge). Nothing is more frustrating than having wool sweaters in your closet when the weather dictates a bikini as a more appropriate weather-friendly outfit. After I have pulled all of the seasonally incorrect clothes, I have to hang up all of the seasonally CORRECT clothes.

snow I Wish I Lived In A House With Bigger Closets

The Morning…

sunny I Wish I Lived In A House With Bigger Closets

The Afternoon


This is when the debate portion of the program begins.

Instead of being excited about all of my wonderful clothes, I get Mad. Mad because my Old Navy sweaters have not transformed themselves into Banana Republic cashmere.  Mad because I took the easy way out last season, and instead of sorting through everything and making a large donation to Goodwill, I just dumped things into bins (this also ensures everything is extremely wrinkled). These “non clothes” are what stand  between me and a fabulous wardrobe …that and the checkbook it would take to fund said wardrobe.  (Donations totally accepted.)

magic I Wish I Lived In A House With Bigger Closets

Please please turn Old Navy into Banana Republic


  1. So you mean to tell me my Old Navy clothes aren’t going to magically turn into Banana Republic if I store them for a season? Dammit all to hell!
    Carrie recently posted..Bored in Dallas?My Profile

  2. I wish some of my clothes would magically transform into something else too. It’s always sort of a sad occasion to take all those cute summer clothes out of the closet and replace them with heavy sweaters and long pants.

    Stopping by from the Friday blog hop!
    Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian recently posted..Musings on WinterMy Profile

  3. Dear Ol Dad says:

    I’m working on it. I’m working on it…..

  4. After having to constantly rotate kid clothes and donate I decided no more with my clothes, now I was blessed even in our tiny little home I had a rather large closet BUT I did decide that I would learn to live with a wardrobe that fit in my closet and dresser drawers, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I clean my closet out every 3 to 6 months. Not to say I don’t have some clothes that are years and years old but I still wear them regularly (very sad and true, I have a blog post coming but with my Dad so sick I just haven’t had the time to really write it up). Anyway, if I don’t wear it, it goes and I stick with things in the same color family,keep it simple and buy only a few items to spruce things up. I just couldn’t continue boxing and yanking and changing the closet.
    Lucy recently posted..Inspirational Sunday Week 2My Profile

  5. karrlinbain says:

    I am loving your ENTIRE blog and just stopped by this post because the closet/storage issue totally cracks me up. When we were first married we lived in a house that was very old. I always joked that they made the closet to store other dress they were not wearing… as in ONE! They were so small!!! I am visiting from Poemifyme.blogspot.com ~ I am happy to be a new follower thanks to the Followers to Friends Blog Party.

    • When I lived in Chicago I had one closet in my entire apartment! One. For coats, vacuums, luggage,etc. it was awful!


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