I Will Always Be A Nerinx Girl

neriunx I Will Always Be A Nerinx GirlI am a proud, empowered alumna of Nerinx Hall High School. Yes, alumna- Nerinx is an all girls Catholic high school (yes, all the stereotypes are true) in my hometown of St Louis.  While Nerinx did a wonderful job of preparing me for the rigours of academic life in college, some important social ‘norms’ were not on the curriculum…

If any of my readers wonder what it is like to go to an all girls school, or, more importantly, to be a Nerinx Girl, you can now experience. For two minutes anyway… Enjoy!


For the record, I STILL scotch tape all my hems… I have learned the importance of hair brushing though!

Nerinx Girls: What do you think? Did they miss any?! Please weigh in!


  1. eh… i didn’t brush my hair today… but i do sew my hems now. ;)

  2. From the scientific poll (comments on Facebook) you are the only one who can sew! Ha!


  1. [...] high school, I would bring cake for everyone (my high school had 136 girls in my class). Girls I only spoke to once a year would smile sweetly, wish me a Happy Birthday!, grab some cake, [...]

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