I Met My Match…

I have never used online dating. While I am happily married, I often wonder who would have been my “match”. I happily skipped the awkward first drink, the rescue texting of girlfriends from the bathroom, and the agony of hoping that he would, in fact, call me.

t j chicago I Met My Match...

Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Thomas and I are exact opposites on paper. Before we got married, we did some premarital counseling (not to be confused with our current we-are-married-and-want-to-stay-that-way-counseling). As part of the counseling, we filled out questionnaires about life decisions- children, finances, and careers. When the results were presented to us, our priest prefaced that the Church likes to see at least an 89% match on couples planning to wed.

love test I Met My Match...

We scored a 59%. Fr. Sudekom saw (several) potential problems; we saw a huge success as we were over 50% compatible. Yay us!

test fail I Met My Match...
While I will not get to experience online dating, I am still curious about the process. When I started blogging, I read a lot of blogs touting the “online community” of best bloggy friends. I was intrigued, and really hopeful that I would develop my own online clique group of girlfriends. It is rare in life (except in online dating) that one gets free reign to create themselves, from the color of their hair to their athletic prowess to their height. In the world of online dating, it is very evident very quickly when someone outright liesfibs. We have all heard the horror stories of the Brad Pitt look alike who looked more like the current Angelina Jolie Dirty Hippy version than the Jennifer Aniston Super Hottie. (And, we have all celebrated by discreetly doing a fist pump that we avoided yucky Brad Pitt!)


online dating I Met My Match...
Blogging is so different than online dating in so so many ways (thankfully), and the biggest difference is less accountability to stick to the facts… and just the facts. When a blogger stretches the truth, there is rarely anyone to call them on it. People post anything and everything, which makes me suspect that the chemicals in our environment are causing the disintegration of the FILTER part of the brain… I have read tutorials about women STEAMING AND THEN EATING THEIR PLACENTAS for crying out loud. Not to mention all of the immoral and illegal hobbies of some of our fine citizens. (I am not a moral high horse. I love a great train wreck blog as much as the next person, trust me, however, I would think that posting one’s illegal activities might not be prudent, but what do I know.)


I had my first experience with an online relationship earlier this week… Thankfully no Yucky Brad Pitt showed up… Find out tomorrow who did!


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