How Many Rooms Does It Take To Get Julia Dressed?

How many rooms do you have to go into to get dressed in the morning? At my house, that number is four. I wish it was four because I had so many fabulous clothes. Imelda Marcos had 3,000 pairs of shoes- I’m guessing her shoe “closet” was bigger than my bedroom and Emma’s put together. Mariah Carey’s closet could comfortably fit a family of four- I believe the closet itself has ‘rooms’.

wardrobe mariahcarey How Many Rooms Does It Take To Get Julia Dressed?

Mariah Carey’s Closet

I have to go in and out of four rooms because I do not have enough room in any one room to store my meager wardrobe.

My closet is in my bedroom.

My dresser is in Emma’s bedroom.

My shoes, scarves, and belts are in the hall closet.

My dresses and suits are in the guest bedroom. (You are welcome to be a guest in my home provided you do not require closet space.)

It wears me out every single morning.

Thomas’ dresser is in our room and his closet is in Emma’s room. (No, we cannot switch dressers because mine is bigger than his. Thanks for the suggestion.)  Lord help us all if we forget to extract an article of clothing out of her room before she goes to sleep at night. I have had to re-wear socks more than once when going to the gym in the early morning.

This morning, I may or may not have thrown an Emma style temper tantrum when two bins of scarves and one of belts all fell on my head.  She was notably impressed with my skills though.

Even with the creative use of closets, we have to switch out our winter and summer clothes each year. I. Hate. It. Most chores don’t bother me, provided they are inside cores, of course; it might be my OCDo kicking in as I really do enjoy cleaning and organizing.  So, you might think that cleaning out closets and reorganizing clothes would be right up my alley. Unfortunately, you would be terribly wrong….

see why tomorrow…

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  1. I am a minimalist at heart, I have everything in one room and we all choose what we like to spend our money on,right? I don’t tend to indulge in shoes,purses or a lot of clothes but I am guilty of spending like the next person, my husband would tell you that in a heartbeat, my car payment could be a lot less in his eyes LOL. We all have our little idiosyncrasies, right?
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    • The saddest part is that I don’t either :/! Maybe, in my next life…. Having a toddler has also necessitated “wear ‘n wash”…


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