How I Got Over Myself and Still Looked Beautiful At My Wedding

 On the Wedding Diet From Hell, the only thing worse than the smells was my disposition.  I was a stressed out, overly emotional bride who was starving and smelled like dead feet.  I was miserable. 

gun bride How I Got Over Myself and Still Looked Beautiful At My Wedding

Ready To Take Hostages

Given my inability to self contain, everyone else around me was also stressed out and overly emotional. However, they were not hungry, and did not smell.  The pressure was building, and it wasn’t going to be pretty when the explosion finally happened.  Two weeks before the wedding- so if you are keeping track, that is six weeks of Diet Hell (DH). Six weeks of no Diet Coke, no wine, no salt.  Six weeks of re-warmed broccoli.  Six weeks of wanting to cry all the time, and actually crying at meal times.


crying girl How I Got Over Myself and Still Looked Beautiful At My Wedding

That’s lunch? AGAIN?


Finally, it all culminated and I was confronted, Intervention style by my beloved.  He first told me what would happen if I continued on with the DH: I probably would lose another pound or two.  And I would look lovely in my dress. However, I would also look lovely in my dress if the wedding was that day because he thought I was (am) beautiful.   I must stop the insanity! If I kept on, no one would tell me I was the Most Beautiful Bride Ever because I would be the only one at the church. The wedding would be called off.  This diet was making me bat shit crazy, and I was making him just as crazy. Which he didn’t like one bit.  My husband is very rational, level headed, and generally about five mental steps ahead of me…  He has very little experience with cray cray, and he wasn’t looking for any more. I had to stop. Immediately. 


diet coke How I Got Over Myself and Still Looked Beautiful At My Wedding

Sweet Nectar….


 He threatened to tie me down and force Diet Coke and potato chips down my throat as a next step.

potato chips How I Got Over Myself and Still Looked Beautiful At My Wedding


Although the tying down Diet Coke potato chip thing sounded incredibly appealing, for once in my stubborn life, I listened. I stopped the Diet Hell. The wedding was wonderful, we ate and drank, and there wasn’t a stalk of broccoli in sight. Diet Coke (and delicious wine) flowed.  And, in the end the dress (so much drama) fit perfectly, and I was The Most Beautiful Bride Ever.

wedding dress corrected How I Got Over Myself and Still Looked Beautiful At My Wedding




  1. Definitely the most beautiful bride ever! :) Your dress is gorgeous. I am glad you were able to fit in it, even without all the broccoli. I am trying to decide what to do with my wedding dress, which is crumpled up in its original garment bag from almost 12 years ago (!!!). Sadly, it’s, um, several (maybe more than several) sizes too small (you know, in case I wanted to get married in it again, ha).

    What did you do with your dress after your wedding? I am determined to get mine out of the attic before my twelfth wedding anniversary.
    Carrie recently posted..The 21st of July – Claire’s First Birthday!My Profile

    • I was pressured into the whole preserve your dress stupid thing. I had it boxed. It cost $140. It’s somewhere in my attic. No idea where. My daughter won’t ever wear it as its not classic- way more what was the height of bridal fashion in 2006 for a mod twenties bride on a tight budget! I think it would be fun to wear the dresses again and have a mini prom thing…. Mine wouldn’t fit either though! When is your anniversary? Congrats on 12 years!

    • This is precisely why I sold my expensive dress & got most of my money back. See if you can sell it. :)

  2. I came over from TTUT. Haha I remember trying to get into my wedding dress. 2 weeks before my wedding day mine didn’t fit. It was great. But you look beautiful in that photo! Yey for interventions!
    Nicole recently posted..Land SharkMy Profile

  3. Yes that intervention saved us! Six years later I still can’t eat broccoli.

  4. Love it! We all go a little nutty now and then. Glad you had someone to call you back to ground. Beautiful dress, btw! Thanks for linking up at Frankly, My Dear…!
    Molly Jo recently posted..AlienationMy Profile

    • I was The Most Beautiful Bride Ever! Haha! That’s what I made all my guests tell me at the reception!

  5. hi julia. thank you so much for your kind words i’m my blog. i just happily subscribed to your blog. i love it – you crack me up and i love the way you write. ahhh, diet coke…i miss it already. it is the death of me. i could drink four or five (or ten) cans a day.
    you were a beautiful bride!
    i look forward to following. <3


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