How Coffee Changed My Life

Of all of the organizations I am proud to be a member of (Nerinx Girls, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Junior League), my newest membership is the one that makes me smile (albeit smugly). I am a proud member of the Fancy Pants Coffee Nespresso Club!

nespresso1 How Coffee Changed My Life

So Amazing

For Christmas, my husband and I received the Nespresso Espresso Machine from some of the best couple friends one can have. It was a hugely generous gift, and we were appropriately grateful as this was a wonderful surprise.

jen fletch julia thomas How Coffee Changed My Life

We love them!

I was so excited for Thomas, because I am not a coffee drinker, and he downs pots of it by himself every morning. For years, I was Team Diet Coke in the mornings, but I switched to tea when I realized that my blood type was coming back as “aspartame” instead of the normal A or B varieties. I didn’t even like what my father has termed “recreational coffee”- flavored coffee and creamers. For years, the only way I could force coffee down was if it was equal parts coffee and Frangelico, topped with plenty of whipped cream.

However, my curiosity was peaked when I witnessed the sheer delight this magic little machine was delivering to my friends and family. Even Thomas squealed like a little girl over the Magical Goodness this machine poured from its little black spout. I decided I had to get in on the action.

I tried the coffee made from this Eighth Wonder of the World.

And my life changed.

I set up the machine under Thomas’s careful eye, him muttering something about my track record of not reading directions and using the ‘push and make it fit’ school of assembly the entire time. After the parts were connected (and he signed off on it), I nervously pushed the green ‘go’ button.

The coffee that came out of the spout looked different from the coffee Thomas makes in the Cuisinart self-grinding fancy coffee maker that he had to have when we got married. (Ask him how many times he has ground his own beans. ONCE. Apparently, it was ‘too messy’.) It was thicker, and frothier.

I might be a coffee amateur, but even I know that fancy pants coffee requires frothy milk on top. I dug around in my ‘appliance cabinet-‘the cabinet where things like waffle makers, fondue sets, and cookie presses go to die- for the handheld Cuisinart blender/mixer thing I received for our wedding (and have used as many times as Thomas has used the grinding part of the coffee maker). I hauled it down, and said a quick Hail Mary that it would work after six long years of non use, and hit the button. Success!

HailMary How Coffee Changed My Life

She totally came through!

Limited success, as I was about to learn as the amount of froth frothed was, well, less than impressive. Undeterred, I frothed and scooped what little foam was made, and repeated. And repeated. In the end, it was worth all of the time and effort. This coffee was amazing! LIFE CHANGING! I think angels were actually singing!

As with all things life changing, this revelation was going to make reexamine some of my Founding Principles…


  1. I keep thinking we need to look into investing in a real coffee maker.
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