High Heels Are a Bad Call When Pregnant

All ladies face the same joys (and unpleasantness) when pregnant. Even the Kardashians. (Shut up you watch them too!)

As everyone knows, Kourtney has had two babies and Kim is pregnant with her first. Of course, she has been all over the tabloids. Yesterday, I saw a picture of her prancing around in six inch Christian Louboutin heels.  While I am the first to agree that the shoes are fabulous, I just cannot wrap my head around the sheer stupidity of six inch heels while pregnant. (She is claiming that flats are uncomfortable. I mean, COME ON!)

Sure, being pregnant is wonderful and life changing and blah blah blah, but there are parts that are terrible. Awful. There are moments when you question your sanity for voluntarily putting yourself through the hells that are pregnancy. Things like eating pretzels (high salt content), peeing every six hours, sleeping more than forty five minutes at a time; and having a visual on your feet become a luxuries one can only dream about.

In a recent episode, Kim bashes Kourtney for being too much of a mom; claiming she’s boring and frumpy and doesn’t want to do anything fun anymore.  She razzles Kourtney for her weight gain. She says she doesn’t understand why Kourtney still hasn’t lost the last ten pounds she gained- the baby is already three months old!

Getting out of the house with one child is an Olympic feat in and of itself; I cannot imagine the level of planning and synchronization that is required with two. She also chastises Kourtney for taking an entire eight weeks off since the birth of her daughter. The nerve!

I cannot wait to hear the changing of the tune when Kim gives birth.

One celebrity who deserves good wishes is Princess Kate. I cannot imagine having the entire planet fixated on me on my best hair day ever; let alone on me as my belly (and hips and thighs) swell.  Minus the stiletto heels, she is the vision of maturity and I applaud her for being a Mommy (Mummy?) first and a Princess second.  All that said…better her than me!


  1. Great post hun.
    I used to like her but I’m not so sure any more – I’m starting to feel bad for her unborn child… Is that bad of me?
    I’m actually extremely interested as to who will be looking after her child after she gives birth because I will be very surprised if it will be her. Not passing judgement… Just interested LOL
    Lotte recently posted..Lets Celebrate Day 5 – Win with GrouponMy Profile

    • No, I think it shows you are a good mother! Good Lord have mercy for that baby… I am interested too as Kanye seems to an uber control freak and I don’t think he would ‘allow’ that… I have heard that the baby will not be on the TV shows…

  2. I feel SO bad for Khloe in all of this … I think she wants a baby more than any of them and she still can’t get preggers.
    But yes … high heels? Please, while I was pregnant I flip flopped it and wore flats every where!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
    Lanaya @ Raising Reagan recently posted..Feature Friday Week 20My Profile

    • I know!! She’s my FAVORITE sister! I wore birkenstocks… While I was ready to sell Bibles with the weirdos in the airport, I was comfortable!

  3. Rachel B. says:

    Is it just me, or is she starting to look like Big Ang?

  4. Caroline Zuniga says:

    Amen! Heals are becoming a part of my distant past…pregnant or not!

  5. Oh,Kim,she is so unreal it cracks me up :)

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